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I love treating myself to high end products. There's nothing quite like the enjoyment of opening fresh Nars lippy or applying a blush brush to that pretty pattern for the first time. But, buying high end isn't always that great for my bank balance, so it's to the high street brands I go! I think high street brands sometimes get a little over looked in the blogging world, but there's tonnes of hidden gems out there and you don't always have to spend a lot to find a wonderful product!

Colab Aussie Soap and Glory Maxfactor The Body Shop Favourites from the High Street

Colab Aussie Soap and Glory Maxfactor The Body Shop Favourites from the High Street

When Ruth Crilly first announced to launch of Colab dry shampoo I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, being the first blogger release that's actually got me excited and wanting to buy it. Quickly after first giving it a go Colab dry shampoo became a staple in my beauty regime and I haven't used a different dry shampoo since. It's perfect for refreshing hair between washes or just giving it that extra bit of volume. It's light weight, smells amazing and doesn't leave that grey, matte finish!

Another hair product that I absolutely adore is Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance. I've been using it for years, it was actually one of the first products I reviewed on my blog nearly 3 years ago! I use it along side my trusty Tangle Teezer after towel drying my hair, to help de-tangle and prevent it breaking. It's not a wonder product but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Oh, and it smells amazing too!

Skincare wise I'm pretty obsessed with The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Cream. When it comes to face creams I like something pretty simple and this one from TBS is just that. It's lightweight and adds the perfect amount of moisture, plus it doesn't take too long to soak in. Oh, and it makes a great makeup base too.

Soap and Glory's Thick & Fast mascara has been my one and only for a good couple of years. I probably can't even count on one hand that amount of times I've used it! It ticks all the boxes; good pigmentation, lengthens, creates volume and doesn't clump. It's just an all round good mascara and I really recommend it. I did a review on it last year, here, with before and after pictures, so you can see how amazing it is yourself!

Lastly is a foundation that I can't recommend enough. On the whole, me and drugstore foundations don't really get along. It seems hard to find a good coverage foundation, in the drugstore, that isn't heavy and doesn't leave you feeling like your wearing a mask. However, Maxfactor's Whipped Creme foundation has this covered. It's got an amazing silky feel to it and glides on to the skin effortlessly. The satin finish means it suits my skin all year round and it covers my redness without me even knowing it's there, it's one of my favourite foundations!

What's your favourite from the high street?

Kelsey xx

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  1. I love drug store beauty products too. Currently waiting for the new make-up range by Vlogger Tanya Burr to come out in Superdrug. Especially her lip glosses. X


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