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I don't think there's a beauty blogger out there who doesn't own, or at least lust over, a MAC lipstick. They're hugely popular amongst bloggers and beauty lovers a like and with their huge shade range, vanilla scent and choice of finishes it's not hard to see why. I got my first MAC lipstick a few months after I first started blogging and got completely hooked! I was so overwhelmed went I went to pick my first shade that I made a giant mental wishlist (Which I'm still trying to get through) and I knew I would need to go back to the counter very soon! Their shade range is just amazing. If you have a mental image of a shade you want and can't find it, try a MAC counter! Their range in finishes is also pretty great and I'm sure they have a lipstick to suit everyone! My favourite finishes from MAC has got to be there matte and amplified lipsticks. I love the look of matte lipsticks and I don't find their formulas too dry, at least nothing a little bit of balm won't sort out! 

MAC Lipsticks

MAC Lipsticks

MAC Lipsticks - Please Me, Pink Nouveau and Chatter Box

 (Top to bottom)
Please Me - Matte
Please me was the second MAC lipstick I bought and probably one of my most loved. It was bought on a whim and I sort of just grabbed, paid and ran because the counter was overwhelmingly full but I'm so glad I bought it. It's a dark, nude pink and really pretty. It's perfect for a natural look or smokey eye. It adds a bit of colour to the lips without being too 'out there'.
Pink Nouveau - Satin
Pink Nouveau is my only satin lipstick as I'm still a bit unsure whether I like the formula. It's kind of semi matte but sort of feels bit heavy. However, the colour is really pretty and that's what wins me over with this lipstick. It's a blue toned pink and a perfect everyday lipstick. It's great for adding a girlie pop of colour to the lips.
Chatter Box - Amplified
Chatter Box is very similar to Pink Nouveau but with a coral tone. It's really pretty and I love the amplified finish. I used to wear it pretty regularly but lately I've forgot about it and it's been pushed to the back of my drawer. I'll certainly be changing that soon!

MAC Lipsticks - Pleasure Bomb, Toying Around and Flat Out Fabulous

Pleasure Bomb - Matte
Pleasure Bomb was a limited edition lipstick from the RiRi collection, last year I think? I actually haven't worn this yet (!) but it's a really pretty cherry toned red. I think it's a really pretty shade for Winter so it should get some use soon!
Toying Around - Amplified
Another limited edition lipstick! Toying around is from the Fantasy Flowers collection that launched earlier in the year. I bought it as a present to myself for finishing uni and absolutely love it. It's had a lot of use throughout summer and although it's bright I don't think I can push it to the back of my drawer for Autumn and Winter. It's a pretty bright coral but it's really wearable.
Flat Out Fabulous - Matte
Last limited edition lipstick, I promise! Flat Out Fabulous is from the Retro Matte collection that launched last year. It's a beautiful deep pink toned purple, I love it! The Retro Mattes have a slightly harder feel than the normal mattes but they stay in place just as well and apply just as easy. This lipstick gets a lot of wear and I don't see that changing any time soon.

MAC Lipsticks - One Hold and Angel

On Hold - Cremesheen
On Hold was my first MAC lipstick and in all honesty I don't really like it any more. I'm not a huge fan of the cremesheen formulas as I find them too 'wet' and the colour doesn't really appeal to me any more. It's sort of a muted red with slight coral tones. I wear it every now and again but it's definately not a favourite.
Angel - Frost
Lastly is the all famous Angel, a pretty nude pink lipstick that is a perfect go to lipstick for those who don't like a bold lip. When applied it doesn't look like a frost at all and I was surprised that is was labelled as this at all. It's looks really pretty when used to pull together a natural or toned down look but is also perfect to pair with a smokey eye.

Do you own any MAC lipsticks?

Kelsey xx


  1. Gorgeous shades! I only own two but I'm in love with them! The quality is amazing
    Love Victoriajanex

  2. You've got some great clouds there! Toying Around looks fab! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  3. Managed to put together quite a collection there! I think Flat Out Fabulous has to be my favourite of these - it's so bold! x

  4. Frost looks gorgeous I always try really deep colours usually so it would make a change, swooon xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  5. Beautiful shades!! :) X

  6. Some gorgeous shades! Love the bold and bright ones!
    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  7. I don't own any YET! I almost got one but it was sold out at two MAC counters. I spent ages trying to decide on a shade as well.

  8. I love these shades! I still don't have any Mac lipsticks but will get to a store soon! Lovely pictures xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

  9. oh i love your collection! so many pretty shades

    from helen at


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