Outside the Blog Photography #3


I was recently looking through my memory card for product photos and came across a few photos from Chester that I took whilst having a bit of a play around on my camera. I'd completely forgot I'd even taken these! I haven't shared any of my 'outside the blog' photos for a while so I thought why not share these and see what you think of having a bit of a different subject behind my 'outside the blog' photos. With them not being my usual wildlife photos it definitely shows that I'm lacking skill when it comes to scenery/landscape photography but I won't improve if I don't try. Can you believe I actually feel much more comfortable and find it easier when I'm taking photos of a bird that won't keep still?!

The photos were taken from the big park in Chester right next to the river Dee. I'd never really spent much time in the park before so it was nice to have a look around, it's actually a really pretty place. I particularly like the area that over looks the river and the ruins that are in a nearby area of the park. If you're visiting Chester the river Dee and this area of the park are really lovely places to walk around. It's a bit of a touristy area with boat rides and ice cream shops so perfect for a nice day out (if the weather picks up, that is!).

Kelsey xx


  1. Lovely pics hun! Chester is a gorgeous place isn't it? I really wanted to get back there this summer but it didn't happen! I might have to just wrap up warm and see it all Christmassy and what not, I imagine it'd look like a post card!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. These are absolutely beautiful photos, looks like a gorgeous place! i don't travel much but I am lucky to have the seaside xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  3. I've never been to Chester properly and it looks like a lovely place! Also, I'm exactly the same - much prefer photographing awkward wildlife. My landscape shots always seem to be a bit lacking in something!


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