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I love candles. I have them scattered about all over my room, in draws, on shelves. I probably have way more than I could ever need but I'm a bit of a candle buying addict. Lighting a candle just gives a lovely, homely feel to any room whatever the weather. I'm a particularly big fan of scented candles as they don't only add to the ambiance of the room but fill it with pretty scents too. Yankee Candles are always talked about within the blogging world, I don't think there's a blogger out there that doesn't own some sort of Yankee Candle. Wax tarts are definitely my favourite Yankee product as I think they give out the most scent but the jars look really nice not only when lit and just as a pretty addition to the room. My all time favourite Yankee scent is Cranberry Ice, which is actually a Christmas edition, and I have my own little stock pile so I'm never without. However, during these warmer summer months I love nothing more than fruity and floral summery scents. They really help to get me in the mood for summer and some smell so good I could actually eat them! Here are my summer picks of the Yankee scents...
Yankee Candle Jars and Wax Tarts
Sparkling Lemon smells exactly how you would imagine. It's such a refreshing scent for these warm summer days we've been having, particularly when it's really warm in the evenings. It's not as strongly scented as some Yankee scents so is perfect for those who like a subtle background scent. A jar of this on a garden table at a barbeque would probably be perfect for keeping those nasty bugs away!

For those of you who love fruit scents but want something that stands out a bit more Pink Dragonfruit is absolutely amazing. It's probably my second favourite Yankee scent, indicated by the fact that I have a few wax tarts and a jar in this scent! It's got a sweet fruity scent with citrus notes running through it. The scent is a perfect mix of sweet and citrus fruits, perfect for me as I don't have much of a sweet tooth! I particularly like that the jar is as heavily scented as the wax tart.

Away from my normal choice of scents is Summer Scoop, and yes, it does smell like a big bowl of slightly fruity vanilla ice cream. It's most definitely one of those smells good enough to eat scents, it smells like it should be food, not a candle! If you want a sweet scent for summer, try this!

Honey Blossom is a lovely mild scent which smells exactly like blossoms trees. I love it because it's so subtle and makes a great background scent for when I'm doing stuff in my room. I have this as a jar candle and although the scent is quite subtle it manages to make it's way around the house!

Last but not least is Beach Flowers, another which I have as a jar and wax tart! This is another subtle scent however, it's hard to describe as it's a right mixture of florals, fruits and general summery scents. It's a little like Honey Blossom but with more of a beachy vibe to it. It's really lovely and if you're looking for a garden scent try this one out!

What's your favourite Yankee scent for summer?

Kelsey xx


  1. Sparkling Lemon is one of my favs!


  2. I bought the Pink Dragonfruit Wax Tart the other weekend - it smells amazing! I'd love to try Honey Blossom and Beach Flowers! xx

  3. Lovely picks!

    ♡ Heidi || www.thebritishteen.blogspot.com/ ♡

  4. I love yankee candle the store is right next to me and I still haven't been in xxx

  5. those are so pretty



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