Yankee Candle Summer Scent Favourites


I love candles. I have them scattered about all over my room, in draws, on shelves. I probably have way more than I could ever need but I'm a bit of a candle buying addict. Lighting a candle just gives a lovely, homely feel to any room whatever the weather. I'm a particularly big fan of scented candles as they don't only add to the ambiance of the room but fill it with pretty scents too. Yankee Candles are always talked about within the blogging world, I don't think there's a blogger out there that doesn't own some sort of Yankee Candle. Wax tarts are definitely my favourite Yankee product as I think they give out the most scent but the jars look really nice not only when lit and just as a pretty addition to the room. My all time favourite Yankee scent is Cranberry Ice, which is actually a Christmas edition, and I have my own little stock pile so I'm never without. However, during these warmer summer months I love nothing more than fruity and floral summery scents. They really help to get me in the mood for summer and some smell so good I could actually eat them! Here are my summer picks of the Yankee scents...
Yankee Candle Jars and Wax Tarts
Sparkling Lemon smells exactly how you would imagine. It's such a refreshing scent for these warm summer days we've been having, particularly when it's really warm in the evenings. It's not as strongly scented as some Yankee scents so is perfect for those who like a subtle background scent. A jar of this on a garden table at a barbeque would probably be perfect for keeping those nasty bugs away!

For those of you who love fruit scents but want something that stands out a bit more Pink Dragonfruit is absolutely amazing. It's probably my second favourite Yankee scent, indicated by the fact that I have a few wax tarts and a jar in this scent! It's got a sweet fruity scent with citrus notes running through it. The scent is a perfect mix of sweet and citrus fruits, perfect for me as I don't have much of a sweet tooth! I particularly like that the jar is as heavily scented as the wax tart.

Away from my normal choice of scents is Summer Scoop, and yes, it does smell like a big bowl of slightly fruity vanilla ice cream. It's most definitely one of those smells good enough to eat scents, it smells like it should be food, not a candle! If you want a sweet scent for summer, try this!

Honey Blossom is a lovely mild scent which smells exactly like blossoms trees. I love it because it's so subtle and makes a great background scent for when I'm doing stuff in my room. I have this as a jar candle and although the scent is quite subtle it manages to make it's way around the house!

Last but not least is Beach Flowers, another which I have as a jar and wax tart! This is another subtle scent however, it's hard to describe as it's a right mixture of florals, fruits and general summery scents. It's a little like Honey Blossom but with more of a beachy vibe to it. It's really lovely and if you're looking for a garden scent try this one out!

What's your favourite Yankee scent for summer?

Kelsey xx

Simple Sunday Makeup


I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that Sundays are normally a makeup free day. A day where my makeup brushes get a nice little wash, I get the facemasks out and my skin is allowed to breathe. I'm pretty certain that my skin is thankful for this little day of rest, I can't imagine wearing makeup day in, day out. In general Sundays are spent being lazy, blogging, watching TV and having a nice stroll with my pooch. However on some Sundays, like today, I do a little bit more and want to add a light covering of makeup to my face just so I don't scare people when I go out, haha! I never like wearing a completely full covering of makeup, just something quick and easy that will make me look a little more awake.

Simple Sunday Makeup. Bourjois, MAC, Clinique, Maybelline

I always go with quite a light base when I'm doing a simple makeup look and the Bourjois Healthy Mix is perfect for this. It's light and hydrating but still has the coverage that I crave for my very red skin. Best of all it blends out so easily, making it really quick to apply. I always apply this with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush then go out with my Beauty Blender for a smooth finish that takes literally two minutes! On Sundays I never really bother with concealer but I always set the foundation under my eyes with the Bourjois Java Powder to prevent any creasing and brighten the area. To add a little colour to my cheeks I used the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish is Stereo Rose. It adds a lovely peachy pink tone to the cheeks and also works as a highlighter at the same time. Don't you love a good two in one product!

When I'm doing 'barely there makeup' my eyes are always kept super simple, mainly because I can't be bothered with shadows, blending ect. I do feel a little naked without any sort of shadow on though so I added a light layer on the Benefit Cream Shadow in RSVP and blended it out with my finger. For mascara I fancied trying something new so I grabbed my Clinique High Impact mascara. This was the first time I used it and it's great for a simple makeup look but for anything more it doesn't seem like it will have the power there. It was great for getting right to the corner with the bottom lashes though! I can never be bothered with brows on a Sunday so my go to product is the Maybelline Brow Drama to stop them being unruly and keep them in place!

I don't feel right doing makeup and not adding a hint of lipstick so I chose a lovely muted pink lipstick from the Bourjois Shine Edition range. I don't normally like sheer lipsticks but feel in love with this one as soon as I tried it. It's barely there but finishes off a simple look so well.

What makeup do you opt for on a Sunday?

Kelsey xx

Waking up Tired Eyes


I'm sure I'm not the only one who wakes up some mornings, looks in the mirror and wonders how my eyes look more tired than when I went to bed. I suffer from quite bad dark circles and most of the time they require a bit more than just a covering of concealer. Although I'm not loyal to many eye products such as cream, concealer or powder I'm am very loyal to the way in which I use the products to counteract those nasty dark circles. To cover up my dark circles and make me look more awake I like to use really brightening products and lighten up the area, which doesn't just wake up the eyes, but brightens up the face. Honestly, you won't believe how many times I've said 'brightening' in this post, haha!

Eye Cream, Bourjois java rice powder, soap and glory hocus focus, bourjois cc eye cream, benefit cream shadow rsvp

 This first product I start with to waken up my eye area is a good hydrating eye cream. Although you can buy dark circle reducing, eye brightening and de-puffing eye creams I like to focus on hydration as this prevents fine lines and helps makeup sit better around the eye area and not look cakey. At the moment I'm using the Eucerin Aquaporin Active Eye Cream and it's amazing. If you have any dryness around the eye area you need to try this, it cleared mine up after just a few uses. The initial consistency is quite thick but it instantly melts in to the skin and adds moisture.

Next I use one of my favourite highlighting products, Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus. You can use this pretty much anyway you want on the face; mix it in with your moisturiser, foundation, use it as primer, use it as an under foundation highlighter or over foundation highlighter. It has so many uses. I love using it directly under the eye area, over my primer, in a triangle shape. You only need a little bitt to instantly brighten up the eye area. Although it doesn't cover any darkness around the eyes the pearlescent finish it gives counteracts darkness and really brightens up the area.

I always put my foundation on before concealer as I think this helps prevent you over using concealer and gives a true representation of how much you actually need. When it comes to concealing under the eyes I always use a brightening concealer, and normally one that states it for dark circles. I much prefer this as it doesn't just cover the circles but brightens the area too (can you see I'm all about brightening, haha). I'm currently using the Bourjois CC Eye Cream which has great coverage but is really light too.

To set the concealer in place and prevent it slipping throughout the day I like to use a really light, loose powder as this prevents a heavy look under the eyes but keeps everything in place. My current favourite is the Bourjois Java Rice Powder. It's a translucent powder containing micro shimmer so (again) brightens up the eye area. I actually can't get enough of this powder, I love it. I always use a micro fibre brush to apply it as if you apply it too heavily you get the disco ball effect under your eyes!

On days when my eyes are looking really dark and tired I tend to stick to light eye shadows with a bit of shimmer to waken up the area. I pay particular attention to the inner corners, using a cream eye shadow like the Benefit Cream Shadow in RSVP to give a really subtle look.

How do you waken up tired eyes?

Kelsey xx

Review - Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly


Despite my love of Lush I have never actually tried their shower jellies. I generally get so hooked in by the bubble bars and bath bombs that when I walk into the shop I completely forget to look at the huge range of products they also stock. I received the Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly as a birthday gift and after smelling it I couldn't wait to try it out. Obviously, in typical blogger style, trying out a new product meant waiting until I'd taken product photos (joys of a blogger, eh?) but as soon as that was done I got stuck in with using it. It wasn't until I looked on the Lush website last week that I realised what a fab range of shower jellies they do and I've definitely added a few of the other scents, including It's Raining Men and The Olive Branch, to my wishlist.

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly open pot

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly open side view

Lush sweetie pie shower jelly open close up

 Sweetie Pie is the most beautiful deep purple shade with flecks of glitter running throughout it. It smells absolutely divine and is a must for any berries fans out there. It has a very distinct berry scent and contains Cassis Absolute and Cherry extract which gives it the strong berry scent, it smells a bit like the Blackcurrant cough syrup you can buy in supermarkets. I generally don't like strong scents and I'm much more of a sweet/citrus kinda girl but this really appeals to me.

The Lush website shows it being used by holding the entire jelly (it's quite sturdy) in the hand and rubbing it all over the body to create a lather, then rinsing off. However, I seem to have developed my own method as I didn't realise this was how you're meant to use it, haha! Anyway, I've basically been using it by pulling off little chunks and rubbing them on my bath scrunchy until it creates a lather, then rubbing that over my skin. I've found no problems using it this way so I guess it's about choosing a method you prefer. The product lathers up well and you really don't need much to create a good lather. The scent carries on throughout washing and even after being out of the shower for a good few hours I can still smell the scent of the product on my skin. It's lovely!

For £3.25 for a 100ml pot it's a bargain little product and I'm definitely going to try out some of the other scents. You can find it here on the Lush site.

Kelsey xx
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