Outside the Blog Photography #2


As my first 'outside the blog photography' post went down really well I'm back with another! I really enjoy looking at these sorts of posts on other blogs so I'm really glad it's being enjoyed on my blog too! I've got a lot more spare time on my hands, since I've now finished uni, so I'm hoping I can get out with my camera more and these posts will become more frequent. I'm even hoping to step out of my photography comfort zone and try more landscape photography and just things, other than animals, that catch my eye! Also, I'm getting all my used 35mm films developed soon so look out for those photos featuring on the blog! 

I went to a nearby lake a few days a go to take outfit posts and as I was about to leave I saw a couple of Squirrels and decided to snap a few pictures of them. Unfortunately, with all the excitement of creeping up on the squirrels, I didn't think to change my camera settings so the exposure on some of them wasn't quite what I would have liked it to be. I probably looked like a crazy camera lady to passers by as I was scrabbling in the bushes trying to get a few pictures. Squirrels can be quite scatty so it takes a bit of patience and creeping to get pictures of them without them scrabbling away, but I managed to get a few. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the pictures I took with you!

 Kelsey xx


  1. Aww soo cute!

    Catherine xx

  2. awww this is so cute!


  3. Love these photos and how cute are the squirrels!

    Charlotte // www.thegoodowl.co.uk

  4. Amazing Photos and great use of composition xx


  5. These are gorgeous photos! Squirrels are so cute (even if they are rats with fluffy tails!) x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Oh dear, the cuteness!!! Beautiful photos.

    Alex - <a href="abfunkyjungle.blogspot.it>Funky Jungle</a>

  7. Amazing photography, very cute subject.

    Vanessa The Other VW xxx


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Kelsey xx

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