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I'm Kelsey and I'm a shirtaholic! Honestly, my wardrobe is over flowing with them and the shirt featured in today's outfit is my newest addition. It was a lovely little Forever 21 bargain that I knew I just couldn't leave the shop without, especially for only £11.50! It's a perfect airy shirt that is casual enough to wear day to day, but can easily be made to look a little more dressed up. I love wearing shirts with jeans for the sort of 'off duty model' look and this one goes particularly well with jeans, shorts and even skirts. It's a really great basic item to add to your wardrobe as it's so versatile. The light fabric means that even with longer sleeves it's perfect for summer days as it stays nice and cool but has enough coverage to keep you warm without needing a jacket on cooler summer evenings. I love how the turned up cuffs on the sleeves add a little something to the shirt, it's a lovely little detail that prevents it being too plan. 

Forever 21 shirt, all saints jeans, forever 21 boots, front ootd photo

forever 21 shirt, all saints jeans, forever 21 boots, back ootd photo

Close up forever 21 boots

forever 21 shirt, all saints jeans, forever 21 boots

forever 21 shirt, all saints jeans, forever 21 boots

Shirt - Forever 21, Jeans - All Saints, Boots - Forever 21, Bag - Urban Outfitters

Yesterday I went to Chester to pick up a few things from my uni house and have dinner in Hickorys Smokehouse (if you haven't been there, go, now!), whilst I was in the city. It was quite a cool summers day and the sun stayed behind the cloud most of the day and I decided to go with something that was still quite cool, in case it warmed up, but had enough to it to keep the chills off. The newest edition to my wardrobe, the lovely Forever 21 shirt, seemed like the perfect choice as it has cool fabric yet cover for the arms. I paired the shirt with my All Saints coated jeans and Forever 21 boots, turning the jeans up at the ankles to break up the black on black, an easy little addition to an outfit which I really like doing. I love how well the shirt and jeans go together, giving a lovely smart yet casual enough to wear during the day look. Shirt paired with jeans are definitely on of my go to looks!

Kelsey xx


  1. This is my idea of a perfect outfit! Love it :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Kelsey you are bloody gorgeous! I love this outfit, it looks simple but amazing!
    love love love it :)


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