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When I first started blogging I did it in a completely unorganised and quite random manor. Inspiration for posts came from me putting on my makeup or carrying out my skincare routine and thinking 'I wanna share this with people'. I had no routine when it came to putting up new posts and if I ever ran out of inspiration I just didn't blog, sometimes for one day, sometimes for a week. However, as my blog started to grow I wanted to change that. I've never set a schedule of days to post but I wanted my posts to be more frequent and not so 'gappy'. I started organising posts by scribbling down notes on any pad I could find and drafting titles on Blogger when ideas came to my head. I found this really useful for days when I wanted to blog but ideas weren't buzzing around my head. It meant I could go to my lists, find a topic that interested me and then get to work on the post. I used this method for a while but as my blog became busier this method became a little messy and I decided I needed other methods of organising. Another thing I change about how I organised my blog was no longer taking product pictures one post at a time and instead spending a couple of hours doing a few products at a time. Not only did this save time but it also meant that on days where the lighting wasn't being my friend it doesn't matter, because the pictures are already done! So now I have a few different methods of organising my blog and I'm really enjoying how I do it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely organised. I still have days where I have zero inspiration, even after looking at lists of ideas, and I still have days where I have 10 product photos ready to go yet I decide I want to talk about something completely different!


My teeny Pukka Pad is super useful for writing post ideas and drafts where ever I am. It's small enough to throw in my bag and takes up barely any room. I use this pad for writing down all sorts of things but it's really great for when a post idea pops in to my head and I need to write it down. I also like to write lists of product photos I want to take or products from hauls because I always forget what I bought!

Next up is what I probably use most for organising my blog purely because it has literally got a space for everything! My Filofax style organiser is from Paperchase and I think it's the medium sized one. They have loads of lovely designs and the prices are pretty reasonable so take a look in there if you're looking for one. I used my organiser for everything blog wise from jotting down PR deadlines to keeping track of my stats. At the front there is a year and month planner which I use to track my stats andis a great way to see your blog grow and look for any dips. The general diary bit I use to jot down deadlines, chats, pr emails and events. My diary is absolutely full of sticky notes because I like to make it look pretty and girly, haha. At the back there is room for notes, which I also use for post ideas and bloggy to do lists. I also bought a cool little stick note insert for the back which has different sized sticky notes and bookmark type stickers. The great thing about the Filofax is that you can really personalise it and by extra inserts or remove what you don't need. If you don't think an organiser from you Pintrest has loads of free, printable organisers which are really pretty and really easy to use.

Lastly I use my Google Nexus. I understand that these can be quite expensive and not everyone has one but, if you have any sort of tablet, really make the most of it. I use this mainly for reading blogs, especially on Bloglovin, as it's a lot easier than using my phone but easy to travel with. It's also great for keeping track of all my social network sites, especially on the go (or in lectures when I'm bored!). A few times I have even drafted up posts on this whilst being sat in Starbucks or in a lecture!

I hope you found this useful! Please let me know if you did and what you use to organise your blog!

Kelsey xx


  1. Thank you for this post! I'm usually quite an organised person, but when it comes to my blog posts, I'm awful at it! I have loads of notes on my phone of blogging ideas, and that's about it!

  2. I need to sort out my blogging schedule etc after my exams. I've read this post just in time I reckon!!
    Chloe // x x

  3. This is such an informative read. I have to bookmark it. Thank you for sharing.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  4. I like to think I'm organised with my blog but I'm really not! I've read quite a few of your posts and I've loved them! I found you from the bbloggers blog hop and I'm certainly following!

  5. Awesome tips! I really need to get more organised, especially when it comes to planning when to do swatches and such.

  6. I deff need to organize my blogging, it's a hot mess right now! Maybe this post will put a little fire under my arse. ;)


  7. such a helpful post! i usually just write notes in my phone :)

    from helen at

    ps. There's £250+ worth of beauty products up for grabs on my blog, if you're interested! Click here.

  8. I use my filofax to keep track of books that i'm wanting to read/review. I also wrote down my 'schedule' but I haven't really stuck to that!


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