The Reverse Hair Wash Just Isn't For Me


I'm sure you will of all heard about the new hair washing technique (craze?) that is making it's way around the beauty world - the reverse hair wash. For those of you who haven't it's just as simple as it sounds. You basically switch the order in which you shampoo and condition your hair, using conditioner first and following it with shampoo. I know you're all thinking that the idea of this sounds really weird - and I did too! Why would you condition your dirty hair and then shampoo your conditioned hair? Doesn't this defeat the point of conditioning? Well apparently not and this new technique supposedly means that your hair benefits from all the goodness of conditioner without any residue being left behind that could weigh it down, make it limp and reduce volume. This gives the benefits of bouncier hair with volume and some have also mentioned reduced frizz.

Now, in all honesty I'm not one for following fads and hypes but the benefits that are meant to come with this technique pushed me to try it out. I'll always try out a frizz reducing technique! My whole shower was kind of thrown out of place when I first tried this new craze. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only girl who shampoos their hair, follows with conditioner and leaves it to soak it whilst they do all their other shower activities, leaving washing out the conditioner to just before they jump out the shower. I wasn't really sure how to go about things so I kept my hair in a bun and washed it after doing everything else. I'm not going to lie, conditioning my hair first felt really weird, as did not following shampoo with conditioner. 

And the verdict. After reading other posts on this I was expecting really amazing results. Maybe I was expecting too much but my hair looked and felt pretty much the same. I don't normally condition my roots so they carry a lot of volume in them anyway and this technique definitely didn't add anything extra. My hair didn't look any shinier, feel any smoother and felt as soft as it always does after washing. Finally there was absolutely no reduced frizz, if anything there was more. The other (and most annoying) thing I noticed was that I had to wash my hair sooner than I normally do. In general I wash my hair twice a week, with this technique I've had to wash it after two days. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been completely put off by this new craze and I've given it another go tonight but it really doesn't seem to suit my hair and I'm sure I'll be back to the normal way of washing my hair in no time!

Please let me know what you think of this new hair washing craze. Have you already tried it? Is it for you? If you do give it a go please let me know what you think!

Kelsey xx


  1. I haven't tried the backwards washing but I have recently been following a different hair washing regime which has been working amazing for me.
    I am saving the specifics for a post very soon though :-D
    Anythings worth a try for better hair, but looks like this one isn't for everyone x


    1. Oh I can't wait for that! I'll be on the look out! xx

  2. I always leave my conditioner in for the whole shower too, and I only shampoo my roots so I feel like this probably won't benefit me either! My hair is never particularly weighed down by conditioner, maybe people just don't wash it out properly :)
    Thanks for sending me this!
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