Topshop Wishlist - Spring Monochrome


Topshop Wishlist - Monochrome Spring

So it seems like spring is finally here, or at least getting close, and the weather has started to warm up a bit! We've had a few sunny days in Chester and I've even managed to leave the house in some summer flats and my denim jacket without feeling chilly! My wardrobe is definitely in need of updating for spring and summer with a few basic pieces that can be worn in a few different ways for different looks. I'm really loving monochrome at the moment and that definitely reflects in today's wishlist!

My sunglasses from last year somehow managed to get broken over winter so I'm after a new pair or two! Round sunglasses seem to be everywhere at the moment and they've really started to catch my eye. I've never really pushed past wearing aviators as they're kind of my comfort zone but I feel this is the year to step out of that a little...I've even added a cute little hat to my wishlist! I never seem to think I have enough bags (although the evidence says differently!) and I definitely think it's time for a new one. I really love the pattern on the bag above, it's kind of monochrome with a little twist. It looks perfect for beach days and is big enough to fit all the unnecessary stuff I carry around without being too big! You might remember my Topshop treggings from a previous OOTD post (here) and I absolutely loved the fit of them! I decided that I want to try some others and I really live this gingham pattern on the ones pictured. Lastly I really love this simple rose printed tee. It's baggy so great for those days were it's warm but I want to cover up a little and it's really simple. I think it will look great teamed with a necklace and simple denim shorts, or even with the gingham treggings!

Are you wishing over anything from Topshop at the moment?

Kelsey xx


  1. Oh these are definitely now on my wishlist, I am all for monochrome all the time and actually have to avoid Topshop as it is so dangerous for my bank xxxx

  2. I'm a bit of a mad hatter so I love that floppy hat! <3

    Tara x

  3. I think that floppy hat is going on to my wishlist! :) great blog xox


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