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I saw this lovely TAG over on Girl About Town and considering I adore dogs and I'm currently studying BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare I thought it would be a perfect tag for me to do!

What is your pet's name?
Cody! He was actually named Ben when we got him mum since my Grandparents dog was named Ben we decided it would be a good idea to choose a new name for him. My mum actually chose his name but I think it's lovely. He gets called all sorts of variations of this name though and pretty much responds to anything

What kind of pet is it and what breed?
Cods is a very big dog and his breed is a white GSD. He's absolutely huge, as most whites seem to be, and has a beautiful semi long coat!

 How long have you had your pet friend?
We picked Cody up when he was 7 months old and he will be 6 in June, so just gone 5 years.

How did you get your pet?
Before Cody we already had a beautiful Beagle x Lab, Sky, and we wanted another dog for her, and for us. She suffered from a heart condition and onset arthritis so getting the right energy level dog was really important for her. We decided a young pup would be a bit too much for her but we didn't want a dog who was too old either as she still liked to play! When we lived in Dorset we fostered for a lovely rescue called Pound Puppy Animal Rescue, which was also where we got Sky from as a pup. We decided we wanted to have another rescue dog so mum phoned up the rescue and they told us about Cods! We saw the pictures, fell in love and made the trip to Dorset to collect him the next day. Pound Puppies is a fab rescue so if you live in Dorset or Hampshire and are looking to rescue a dog please consider them. Cody was handed in to the rescue at 7 months old and hadn't had a great start in life and it's lovely to know we've give him a forever home.

How old is your pet?
Cody will be 6 in June but still acts like a pup!

What are some quirky things about your pets personality?
Cody is a really well behaved dog so he doesn't really do anything too naughty, apart from trying to steal the pups dinner from time to time! He is a typical GSD though and extremely vocal, don't worry though, his bark means absolutely nothing! He also makes funny crocodile noises when he's playing, barks when you say speak, can give one and two paws on command and wines when it's dinner time. Cody is also a major mud magnet and when he goes on field walks always manages to cover himself in mud from swimming in very dirty ponds. Despite being a boy he is a complete and utter diva and loves being towel rubbed, brushed, bathed and having his hair dried with the hairdryer, even when he's not wet! Oh, and if I sit on the floor he loves to sit on my lap. GSDs don't make comfy lap dogs, haha.

What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
I adore my dog, he is a part of the family!

What are some of your favourite past times with your pet?
I will be forever grateful to Cody for sparing Sky of pain during her last few hours. On the day that Sky past away she collapsed during the night. Cody woke my mum up during the night and alerted her, he stayed by her side whilst my mum phoned the vet and allowed sky to be relieved if her pain in my mums arms. It may sound like an odd past time to talk about but was a very special thing that he did and it think it show how amazing and intelligent dogs actually are!

 What are your nicknames that you call your pet?
Sooo many variations of Cody! In actual fact, I very rarely call his name! I used to call him 'puppy' until we got the new pup and then he was upgraded to 'big boy'. He gets called 'handsome man' quite a lot too!

A little added extra!
Due to Cody's past he is a little weary around strange men and some male dogs and for this reason he wears a yellow ribbon around his lead and collar. The yellow ribbon is for the Yellow Dog project and signifies that he needs a little space from members of the public when out. Dogs may need space for all sorts of reasons such as behavioural issues, recovering from an injury, in training, in season ect. The Yellow Dog project only works in awareness about it is made and the word is spread so please help spread the word and check out the Yellow Dog UK website for more info! 

You can follow Cody on Instagram here

I TAG all of you to do this and please send me link if you do it!

Kelsey xx

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