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Bourjois Mascara Foundation Powder Lipstick Blush Concealer

Bourjois Foundation Concealer Blush Mascara Lipstick

Bourjois Foundation Primer Lipstick Concealer Mascara Eyeliner

I've got a little bit of a different post for you today! I thought that I try a few posts that talk about a brand as a whole, as well as reviewing individual products and I thought there was no brand better to start with than Bourjois! Bourjois has been one of my favourite drugstore brands for as long as I can remember. When I first started to properly try makeup it was my go to brand and still is to this very day! Although they're one of the higher priced drugstore brands it's still really affordable and great quality.

When I first started using foundation the first one I properly tried was Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect and I used this religiously for a good couple of years or so! I remember picking it out after trawling through Boots for ages swatching foundations. Back then I didn't know much about coverage or matte/dewy effects. The 10 Hour Sleep Effect felt really moistursing and lightweight on my hand and I think for my age and skin type I absolutely made the right choice. It's a really great, lightweight foundation for anyone who wants to even out their skin tone without a heavy covering of makeup. Another foundation I tried from Bourjois was the Bio Detox with I think has since been discontinued. Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of this. It was really heavy and left a horrid cakey mess on my face. I think it was just too much for my skin. Finally I came across my current favourite drugstore foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix! I actually haven't bothered trying another drugstore foundation since. It's just the perfect everyday foundation! It's lightweight with good coverage, has a dewy finish and is perfect for my dry skin. It doesn't last as long as I would like but I can forgive that because of all the other great things it is (am I big-ing it up a little too much, haha!). Since it was release they've changed the formula a little and the packaging and I've loved both. I particularly like the current packaging, it's lovely and girly!

The first powder I ever used from Bourjois was the Mineral Radiance Press Powder, which I used for a good few years along side the 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation and I absolutely adored this combination. It added a little more coverage to the foundation as well as setting the foundation and I remember always being pretty happy with my complexion after applying it. It never good cakey and felt silky smooth. From the Healthy Mix line they also have the Healthy Balanced Pressed Powder which I've swatched millions of times although I've never actually purchased it. It feels super smooth when swatching but also feels a little heavy which has put me off properly trying it. The most recent Bourjois powder I've tried and the one that I'm currently using is the Java Rice Loose Powder. The packaging for the powder is absolutely beautiful and is based on the packaging from it's first release in. It's just so pretty and I love it's vintage look!

When it comes to concealer and Bourjois non ever really took my fancy until the release of the Happy Light Concealer. After reading reviews I knew I had to try it and went straight to Boots. They only have two shades which can be a little annoying but I managed to find one to suit my skin. It's a really great all rounder concealer with a good amount of coverage and it amazingggg at covering those pesky dark circles! Another firm favourite for covering those dark circles is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Under Eye Concealer. This is a really easy to use brush concealer that's super light and barely creases. It's definately another of my firm favourites from Bourjois!

I've tried so many mascaras from Bourjois that I don't even know where to start! Many of my favourites from my teenage years have been discontinued but there are a couple of my firm favourites floating around. I really love the Liner Effect Mascara and I'm sure you can guess from the name exactly what it does! It gives a really lovely effect to the mascara and the 'liner effect' gives the impression of your lashes being really full at the base, lovely! My all time favaourite mascara from Bourjois is Coup de Threatre, which just makes my lashes look really amazing! It gives volume and length and I normally end up getting it when there's a Bourjois offer on. I'm a big fan of the felt liquid liners, as I find them super easy to use, and Bourjois Liner Feautre has never let me down! It glides on easily, has great pigmentation and stays on all day!

Bourjois 'little round pot' blushes are a staple for any girl! They come in the biggest range of colours and the small (yet very cute!) packaging means they can easily be thrown in your bag for retouches! I currently own a lovely shimmery pink, which a great all-round shade, and a shimmery peach which is perfect for the upcoming spring months and works pretty well as a peachy highlight too! Although I've not tried it myself the Delice de Poudre (Chocolate bronzer) seems to be a firm favourite amongst the bloggers and something I need to get my hands on soon!

Last but not least I'm going to chat to you about lipsticks! My first ever lipstick I bought was a lovely coral pink from Bourjois which was actually from the range which is now discontinued. I was genuinely upset when they got rid of that range, however the Rouge and Shine Edition lipsticks are absolutely amazing and Bourjois most definitely haven't let themselves down. The formula is creamy and moisturising, they last well and have a beautiful range of shades. The packing is also very pretty and I'm a sucker for the packing of the Shine Edition! I've heard they're bring out a few more Shine Edition shades and well as the Rouge Edition Velvet which I'm so, so excited for!

What is your favourite Bourjois product? What was your first makeup product?

Kelsey xx   


  1. Love this post! Bourjois is probably my favourite drugstore brand and I love almost everything I've tried from them. The Java Rice Powder is my fave, it's so pretty x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Bourjois java rice powder is one of my favourites, I love the instant sweet smell and the sparkle xx


  3. I can't wait for the Velvet lips either! The swatches I've seen so far look gorgeous!

    Bourjois has always been one of my favourites too - I agree with Jessica, and absolutely love their Java Rice Powder! It's perfect! One of my first blushes was the Round Pot Blushes, I can't remember the name of it...maybe Rose something? But I'd definitely get another one! And as weird as it sounds, I love the smell of Bourjois products!


  4. I love Bourjois products, I used to use them so much few years ago. I should really invest in a few more items from the brand. Lovely post xxx


  5. Hi Kelsey! Love your blog! Thank you for sending me your link via the #fblchat! Now following you! Would love it if you could check out my blog, if you haven't had the chance to already.
    Emily @ Beleza by Ems


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