The Skincare Series - Updated Night Time Routine #1


So following on from my previous skincare post about what changes I'm making in my routine. to get my skin looking the best it can, I thought I would post an updated night time routine. In the past couple of months I've added a few more items to my routine and changed it from a very basic cleanse and moisturise routine to a multistage routine. My skin is sensitive and dry in places so my routine is very much based around that.
Night Time Routine

Night Time Routine

Night Time Routine

In the evening my routine is all about removing my makeup and preparing my skin for a night of sleep and rehydration. I use a clean flannel each morning and use the same one at night, putting it in the wash after my night time cleanse. I start of by applying my Super Facialist Skin Renew Cleansing Oil to dry skin, focusing a lot on my eyes to ensure all my mascara and eyeliner is removed. This is a really lovely cleanser and it melts away makeup so well. It also smells divine! I then remove this with a wet flannel ensuring all traces of makeup are good. This cleanser is great because it doesn't leave a greasy residue. Next I go in with my Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser applying it the same as I do with the cleansing oil. I think double cleansing is really important, especially after a day of wearing makeup, and I never skip this step. I really love this cleanser as it's so gentle but I think I might try another once this one has finished.

The next stage in my skincare routine is a two step tone. The first step is to balance my skins pH and also exfoliate. I'm really enjoying exfoliating using toner rather than a scrub and I can see a huge difference in my skin too! The second step is a gentle moisturising toner to help lock in moisture. For the first step I'm using the Clinique Clarifying Lotion for skin type 2 and for the second step I'm using the Avene Gentle Toner. Both are applied to the face using a cotton pad and the skin is allowed to dry after each step. These toners are both really nice as they leave the skin feeling fresh but not tight and dry.

The next stage is moisturising and I always start of with my eye cream so that no other products get in the way of it being absorbed! The current one I'm using is the Aveeno Sensitively Radiant Eye Cream. This is really lovely and absorbed so well. It's thicker than other eye creams I've used in the past but is really moisturisng and great for sensitive skin. Effaclar Duo then gets applied in any areas where I have breakouts. If my skin is looking a little gross I will apply it all over and if my skin is clear I don't use it at all. I won't say too much about it as it's a beauty blogger favourite and I'm sure you all know about it! Oils are a skin treatment that I've only recently started looking in to but I'm really enjoying using then and my skin has definately benefited from it! I'm currently using Botanics Facial Oil. I drop two to three drops on my fingers and gently pat it over my face. I normally leave it to absorb for a couple of minutes before applying my moisturiser which is the Bontanics Hydrating Night Cream. This is a lovely cream which absorbs well however I don't find it to be hydrating enough for my skin if I miss out the oil step but I think it will be great for summer!

Do you use any of these products? How many products do you use in your routine?

Kelsey xx

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  1. Great to have a sneaky insight into your routine. Lovely post :) Always wanted to try Clinique too!

    Bethanie x |


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