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Note - These are not the products used in my current routine
Over the past month or so I have become obsessed with Caroline Hirons amazing skincare blog. I don't know how or why I didn't discover it before but I'm so glad I've found it! For any of you who haven't checked out her blog I really suggest you do, it could will change your skincare routine for the better! She is an amazing skincare specialist and reading her blog has really helped me see where I was going wrong with my skincare and make it as beneficial to my skin as possible. 

Your skin is your makeup base and making your skin look as good as possible will help make your makeup look as flawless as possible. It's really important to look after your skin. A good skincare routine will also make your skin as healthy as it can possibly be, giving you a lovely healthy glow and preventing the signs of aging for as long as possible! So, with the help of Caroline Hirons blog, I have made a few little changes to my skincare routine to make my skin the best it can be!
Drink more water! - Not exactly a skincare change but definitely a dietary change that will benefit my whole body! I'm absolutely terrible at remembering to drink enough water and in all honesty probably drink more Coca Cola than I do water. I feel like this was really starting to show in my skin. I now keep a bottle of water near me at all times and am trying to reduce my Coke intake!

No more apricot scrub! - I've been a avid user of my apricot scrub for some time now, using it every morning to cleanse and exfoliate my face. I have quite bad redness on my cheeks and I've discovered that this was probably making it worse and was a little too abrasive for my sensitive skin. Caroline also isn't a fan of grainy/scrub type cleansers and recommends using an acid toner instead. I've stopped using this and I'm now using a milk cleanser in the morning. My redness has really calmed down through this!

Toner and lotion! - When it comes to toning I go through phases of using one and then not really bothering. I have always tried to avoid any toner with alcohol in as I have dry skin and have always been under the impression that alcohol is bad for your skin. After reading Caroline's blog I have found that this isn't all true and she suggests using an acid toner (or exfoliating lotion) followed by a hydrating toner and this is exactly what I've done! I now use a clarifying toner to balance out my skins pH and exfoliate after cleansing followed by a hydrating toner to lock in moisture.

Eye cream first! - I have now started applying my eye cream before other treatments to ensure full absorption. I had started suffering from tiny fine lines just below my eye and this little tip has really helped to prevent these.

Treatments! - Serums and oils weren't ever something I'd thought about when it came to my skincare routine. I just went straight from cleansing to moisturising, maybe toning between. I've now see how important treatments can be, especially for my dry skin. I now use a calming serum in my morning routine and a hydrating oil in my evening routine. My skin feels so much smoother already!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Caroline Hirons and her blog for teaching my the error of my skincare ways! I really suggest you check out her blog for great skincare advice and skincare product reviews. As soon as I am completely happy with my skincare routine I will be doing an updated morning and evening routine. 

Have you made any recent changes to your skincare routine?

Kelsey xx


  1. I think with facial scrubs you only need to use them once every week - they make such a difference though! :)

    Great post!

    Fairytale Kiss

    Jade x

  2. I'm also such a fan of Caroline Hirons! I wish all the experts had blog platforms to teach us truth! I've also got sensitive skin and am a massive fan of Avene to settle any intolerances I have to products/stress/etc. I just posted about my recent update to my skincare routine if you fancy a look? x

    Danielle · · bloglovin'

  3. Very helpful and informative post! :)

    Beth @

  4. Drinking plenty of water is always helpful for our skin because it drain out all impurities from inside and it keeps our skin hydrated. This is a good habit..!!


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