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I normally remove my eye makeup remover with my normal cleanser but thought I'd try an eye makeup remover for the more stubborn eye makeup and times when I'm wearing rather heavy makeup, just to make the cleansing process a little easier. I picked up this Nivea product as it was reasonably priced and I was intrigued by the two layers. The product packaging stated that it was suitable for all skin types which suited me lovely!
Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover

One of the layers is oil based which helps to remove and breakdown waterproof makeup. The other layer is water based and this helps to remove the makeup and prevent the product leaving an oily feel behind. The first thing I noticed when using this product was how difficult is water to mix the layers together. It takes quite a lot of force to get them mixed properly but I'm sure it's great for the bingo wings! You also need to remix it in between each cotton pad as it separates really quickly and this can be a bit of a pain. 

In terms of how effective it is does seem to depend on what eye makeup I'm wearing. Eyeshadow washes straight off but mascara, liquid and pencil eyeliners can take a bit of work. Even after using this product there can be some mascara residue left over. It does however leave a lovely soft eye area and no oily residue but, in all honesty, I think my normal cleanser is more effective than this which is a bit of a shame. I don't think I will repurchase this product but I will continue using it just to remove the bulk of my eye makeup before going in with the cleanser. 

The bottle contains 125ml of product for £3.59 which should last a good couple of months.

What is your favourite eye makeup remover? Have you tried this one?

Kelsey xx


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Kelsey xx

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