A Little Update!

Hello! I haven't done an update post for a while so I thought the blog was due one and it also gives me a chance to explain where I've been this week!

So, last week I moved back to Chester for my third year of uni. I'd already had my keys for about a month as I'd moved from another house in Chester, but last week was me officially moving in! Being my normal self I left packing all my stuff up til the last minute which was really stressful. I never realise how much stuff I have until I have to pack it all up. I have a huge Soap & Glory bag full of just hair stuff, one full of body stuff and then one of those 'bags for life' full of skincare. I'm most definitely one of those 'pack it just in case' types of people. Not to mention I had to sit on my suitcase whilst I zipped it up because it was so jam packed. I also couldn't decide what makeup to bring so just packed all my muji drawers and brought it all, haha!

So I packed the car up and arrived at the house to find there was no internet! Me and my housemates fiddled with the router a bit but couldn't get it to work so decided we would need to phone the internet company up. It was a Saturday evening so we had to wait til Monday and when we finally rang them they told us that the external line was broke so we would have to wait for them to repair it :( 4 days later we finally had internet back! I had a few blog posts planned for this week which I obviously couldn't write up and I couldn't watch catchup tv either (student essential, obviously!) It's actually slightly worrying how much I missed the internet, haha!

I've nearly finished unpacking so I'm hoping to get a room tour post up soon and I have some lipstick, haircare and skincare posts planned too! I was really annoyed about being so absent from my blog this past week but will be getting a post up tomorrow, yay!

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Kelsey xx

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  1. Good luck on your third year. No internet is a nightmare. And don't you find you always end the year with double the stuff you started with?

    Great blog hun I just followed on bloglovin'. Looking forward to your next post!




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