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I haven't been up to much lately as I was given a tiny baby bird someone found in their garden and have been hand rearing him. It takes up so much of my time! When I first got him he only had a few pin feathers and required feeding every 30 minutes!! He's now feathered, flying and learning to eat by himself so he only needs feeding every hour or so, but can go longer. This means I can finally go out for a few hours and not just nip to starbucks for 30 minutes, woo!
 Tilly pup carrying out her favourite activity, toy destroying!

Post toy destruction!

My everyday makeup to make me look alive.

Nachos and cocktails at my favourite Giraffe restaurant. The food is amazing and the staff are so lovely. I love places where the staff remember regular customers and make a point of speaking to them when they go in.

I love blogger mail!

Little birdy the day after I got him. Only a few pin feathers and he could barely lift his head for food. We think he was about 7 days old as he did have his eyes open.

Little birdy a week later! He chirps so much and is so active. He's learning to fly and will hopefully be eating for himself in a few days. He's now fully feathered too and has been taking little dips in his bath! I'm starting to look into release techniques and whether he might be best going to a sanctuary. We've built him an aviary too to help integrate him to the outside world.
What have you been up to this week?
Kelsey xx

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