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The weather has been in a funny old mood these past few days, hasn't it! It's making it really hard to figure out what to wear in the mornings. Thunderstorms and sunshine is a weird combination to dress for. Anyway, I intended for this post to actually be done as a YouTube video. I found out that my SLR doesn't actually have a video function on it so had to dig out my bridge camera instead. I hadn't actually used the video function on it before but since it's HD I figured the quality would be pretty decent. So, I set up and filmed the entire video. I seemed a bit nervous but overall I was happy with it (apart from the fact that I have never realised how posh my accent is until playing it back!). Unfortunately there is a horrible, buzzy sort of background noise to the video. I googled it and apparently this is the camera picking up the noise of it working or something. There is no mic port either so I can't use an external mic. I didn't want to upload the video as I found the noise really distracting. I'm hopefully upgrading my SLR soon so I should be able to attempt filming again in the near future, but until then it's just blog posts. So, enough of my rambling about technology failing on me. Here's what I bought...

My first stop was Escentual. I'm becoming really obsessed with French skincare at the moment and buying from here instead of boots worked out a few £ cheaper and I also qualified for free delivery which also saved some pennies! It arrived really quickly and was packaged great so I'll definitely be purchasing from here again. 
Escentual Haul

I first bought some Bioderma Sensibio as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about (£7.99). I'm also trying to avoid using too much tap water on my face so wanted to change from using a hot cloth cleanser to using a cleanser that doesn't involve water. I only got the 250ml bottle as I've never tried it before and didn't want to buy the huge bottle.

Next I bought the Avene Redness Relief cream (£11.60). I'd received a sample of this after doing the Avene skin diagnosis and really liked it. It's perfect for me as it's aimed as redness prone, dry and sensitive skin. It contains SPF 20 so I'm using it during the day as a makeup base.

I didn't want to use the redness cream as a night cream so bought the La Roche Posay Hydreane cream in light (£8.80). This is also aimed at sensitive skin but instead normal/combination. They also so a riche version, aimed at dry skin, but I decided to get a lighter one as I didn't want a heavy cream on my face during warmer summer nights. I'll probably invest in the riche version towards Autumn as my skin gets dryer during the colder months. 

The final thing I bought was a Vichy lip balm (£2.60). I didn't intend to buy this but I needed to spend a couple more £ to get free delivery and you can never have enough lipbalms. It's just a standard moisturising lip balm that I'm going to be using an a 'over night' balm.

Next stop was Boots. Bourjois had a 3 for 2 offer on (plus a free pair of sunglasses) and since I wanted a new blush I couldn't resist taking advantage of the offer.
Bourjois Haul

Bourjois Haul

Bourjois Haul
I ended up getting two blushes (£7.99 each), one being a light peachy colour and the other is a strong rose colour. The peach coloured blush looked a lot lighter in the shop and I actually bought it with the intention of using it as a highlighter. Unfortunately back home I realised it was slightly too dark but I'm happy with it as my blush collection doesn't have an peachy colours. It's a lovely colour and great for a natural look. The other blush is just a lovely, shimmery pink colour which can be put on lightly or built up. 

The other Bourjois product I bought was a liner pen (£6ish). I find these much easier to use than liquid liner and I have more control and they're a lot less messy. I haven't tried the Bourjois one before but tried it on my hand and it was a deep black and didn't smudge so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

What have you bought lately?

Kelsey xx


  1. ooooh love the skincare goodies you got! And the peach blush is gorgeous. Nakita x

  2. Great reviews. I've never really thought about not using tap water on my face before, but its given me something to think about now x


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