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As you might have seen from other posts I'm becoming a really big fan of french skincare (Avene & La Roche Posay in particular) and really want to try out more of their products. The few products I've tried so far have really helped my skin and many of them are designed for dry and sensitive skin which is perfect for me. I'm trying to update my skincare collection so it's really suited to my skin type and skin care needs. Hopefully I'll banish the redness!

Beautysets - French Skincare Wishlist
All products available from Escentual

(I'm not including prices as they seem to vary depending on sites and offers. All can be found on the link above and none are over £15)

1. Caudalie Gentle Cleanser - I'm really loving milk cleansers at the moment and this one sounds perfect! It's suitable for sensitive skin which is great for me. I use milk cleansers the same way as hot cloth cleansers but you can remove them with cotton pads or cotton pads and toner. They're really versatile in that way which is great.

2. Bioderma - I've been wanting to try this product for so long! I tend to stay clear of hyped up products as they can sometimes be a let down but this has been so raved about that I need to try it. I think it's the perfect product for traveling or nights when I'm being a little bit lazy.

3. Avene Anti Redness Cream - I suffer from really bad redness on my cheeks and am forever looking for products to help this. I've tried a sample of this cream and it's lovely. Creates a perfect base for foundation too!

4. Avene Skin Recovery Cream - After reading a few things about Avene's creams I decided this is the perfect over night cream for my face when I have eczema flare ups or my skin is just playing up in terms of dryness. It looks like a lovely basic cream with nothing too fancy.

5. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - After reading about this product I really want to try it out. I sounds perfect for times when my skin is playing up. I actually realised the other night that I have no products for breakouts (I don't really suffer with my skin in that way). After having a bit of a breakout due to using a facemask I decided it was time to add something like this to my skincare collection.

What's your opinion on French skincare brands? Are any of these on your wishlist?

Kelsey xx

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