Skincare and Beauty Haul


The weather has been in a funny old mood these past few days, hasn't it! It's making it really hard to figure out what to wear in the mornings. Thunderstorms and sunshine is a weird combination to dress for. Anyway, I intended for this post to actually be done as a YouTube video. I found out that my SLR doesn't actually have a video function on it so had to dig out my bridge camera instead. I hadn't actually used the video function on it before but since it's HD I figured the quality would be pretty decent. So, I set up and filmed the entire video. I seemed a bit nervous but overall I was happy with it (apart from the fact that I have never realised how posh my accent is until playing it back!). Unfortunately there is a horrible, buzzy sort of background noise to the video. I googled it and apparently this is the camera picking up the noise of it working or something. There is no mic port either so I can't use an external mic. I didn't want to upload the video as I found the noise really distracting. I'm hopefully upgrading my SLR soon so I should be able to attempt filming again in the near future, but until then it's just blog posts. So, enough of my rambling about technology failing on me. Here's what I bought...

My first stop was Escentual. I'm becoming really obsessed with French skincare at the moment and buying from here instead of boots worked out a few £ cheaper and I also qualified for free delivery which also saved some pennies! It arrived really quickly and was packaged great so I'll definitely be purchasing from here again. 
Escentual Haul

I first bought some Bioderma Sensibio as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about (£7.99). I'm also trying to avoid using too much tap water on my face so wanted to change from using a hot cloth cleanser to using a cleanser that doesn't involve water. I only got the 250ml bottle as I've never tried it before and didn't want to buy the huge bottle.

Next I bought the Avene Redness Relief cream (£11.60). I'd received a sample of this after doing the Avene skin diagnosis and really liked it. It's perfect for me as it's aimed as redness prone, dry and sensitive skin. It contains SPF 20 so I'm using it during the day as a makeup base.

I didn't want to use the redness cream as a night cream so bought the La Roche Posay Hydreane cream in light (£8.80). This is also aimed at sensitive skin but instead normal/combination. They also so a riche version, aimed at dry skin, but I decided to get a lighter one as I didn't want a heavy cream on my face during warmer summer nights. I'll probably invest in the riche version towards Autumn as my skin gets dryer during the colder months. 

The final thing I bought was a Vichy lip balm (£2.60). I didn't intend to buy this but I needed to spend a couple more £ to get free delivery and you can never have enough lipbalms. It's just a standard moisturising lip balm that I'm going to be using an a 'over night' balm.

Next stop was Boots. Bourjois had a 3 for 2 offer on (plus a free pair of sunglasses) and since I wanted a new blush I couldn't resist taking advantage of the offer.
Bourjois Haul

Bourjois Haul

Bourjois Haul
I ended up getting two blushes (£7.99 each), one being a light peachy colour and the other is a strong rose colour. The peach coloured blush looked a lot lighter in the shop and I actually bought it with the intention of using it as a highlighter. Unfortunately back home I realised it was slightly too dark but I'm happy with it as my blush collection doesn't have an peachy colours. It's a lovely colour and great for a natural look. The other blush is just a lovely, shimmery pink colour which can be put on lightly or built up. 

The other Bourjois product I bought was a liner pen (£6ish). I find these much easier to use than liquid liner and I have more control and they're a lot less messy. I haven't tried the Bourjois one before but tried it on my hand and it was a deep black and didn't smudge so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

What have you bought lately?

Kelsey xx

Review - Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in On Hold


I finally gave in to the hype and got my first Mac lipstick. I'm so glad I did, I can't praise it enough! I won't blab on too much about the packing, pigmentation and lasting power as I'm pretty sure this has been gone over a million times before. The packaging is your typical, sleek looking Mac packing. The pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing! It's so smooth, moisturising and glides on like a dream. It doesn't snag and is just so, so creamy.

When I went to the counter I had no idea what shade I was going for. I have a Mac lipstick wishlist as long as my arm but managed to leave it and home (whoops!) so kinda had to freestyle. I knew I wanted a pinky sort of colour which wasn't too bright or too dark. The woman who served me was so lovely and really helped with my shade picking. I ended up going for 'On Hold' which I would describe as a berry pick with a slight coral tone to it. It's really lovely and such a great shade for summer. I've been wearing it with light eye shadows and neutral smokey eyes and really lovely wearing that look.

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick On Hold

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick On Hold

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick On Hold

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick On Hold

What was your first Mac lipstick? What shades would you recommend I look at next?

Kelsey xx

Instagram #11


I'm a little sad today that the sun has gone away again :( Was really enjoying being warm. I'm one of those people who can stand the heat really well...I've even been sleeping with my 15 tog winter quilt on!

I've been slacking a little with instagram pictures lately but I realised the other day that I haven't actually done an instagram post on my blog this month! I've been taking so many pictures of my dogs and geckos lately that I look like I'm becoming a crazy animal lady, haha! I've been considering doing a 'meet my pets' post so if you're interested in that let me know! 

If you would like to follow me on instagram you can find me @KelseyShep_

Geckos in their freshly cleaned viv exploring the new layout!

Believe it or not they're actually sleeping! They sleep with their eyes open stuck to the glass or branches, comfy eh?

Froggy sleeping and stretching!

A coke bottle for people whose names are too cool to be on a coke bottle.

Tilly puppy.

Walking Tilly pups. Ignore my really fashionable steel toe wellies, I walked her straight after coming home from the sanctuary.

Escentual haul. Gave in to the Bioderma hype and so glad I did. I'm really getting in to French skincare at the moment. They have so many great brands for dry and sensitive skin.

Straightened my hair for the first time in months and realised how long it was.

Such a lovely smelling facemash from Lush but it doesn't look so nice once on.

What have you been up to lately? Would you like to see a 'meet my pets' post?

Kelsey xx

Review - Seascape Body Wash, Hand Lotion and Body Lotion


The lovely sunny weather is still here! Wooo! I hope all your tans are coming along well...I have the dreaded tan lines. I'm not complaining though, me getting a tan is amazing!

I was recently contacted asking if I'd like to review so lovely products from Seascape. They were a brand I'd never heard of before but after taking a look I was taken in my their beautiful, luxurious looking packing and couldn't wait to try them. The products from Seascape that I was lucky enough to review were the Seascape Apothecary Body Wash*, Apothecary Hand Lotion* and Les Petites Body Lotion*. They were all so lovely, I especially love the body lotion. It's got the perfect bedtime scent!
Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Bodycare

Seascape Island Apothecary Uplift Body Wash - £16*
 The uplift body was is such a great 'wake you up' body wash for your morning shower. It has such a lovely refreshing scent and the lime really sticks out, although it's not over powering. I've been really loving using this in the morning. It lathers up so well too which is always great!

Seascape Island Apothecary Refresh Hand Lotion - £16*
There's always two things I want from hand lotions. The first is that they're mositurising enough for my hands and the second is that they soak in quickly and doesn't leave that greasy residue which means you're reluctant to touch anything for fear you'll end up with everything stuck to your hands. This hand lotion ticks both those boxes! It soaks in so quickly and really moisturises too. It has a lovely scent and contains lavender and shea butter. It's also suitable for sensitive skin which is always a bonus for me!

Seascape Les Petites Body Lotion - £12*
I love, love, love this body lotion. I always find moisturising a bit of a chore, mainly because of that sticky residue it leaves meaning you have to stand around waiting to dry, trying not to touch anything. Even moisturising before bed leaves you a little uncomfortable because you end sticky to the covers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this body lotion soaks in within minutes. It's so lovely and moisturising without leaving that stickiness. The Les Petites collection is for aim at those with sensitive skin, particularly babies and children. It has a lovely lavender scent which is so soothing, making it perfect for putting on before bed!

If you haven't already, check out the full Seascape collection here. They do a really great range and there is something to suit everyone! They also do some lovely gift sets which make perfect present.

Have you tried Seascape before? Are you going to take a look?

Kelsey xx

*pr sample

Products I've Been Reaching For #1


I hope you're all enjoying the weather! I've actually managed to get a tan so I'm mega impressed. I still have the good old milk bottle legs though, haha.

I wanted to do a new little series on the blog of products I'm enjoying and favourites. I don't switch up products that often so I'm not gonna keep it to a strictly monthly series but it will be fairly often. I'm hoping to pluck up the courage to do a few YouTube videos in the next few weeks to so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Thanks to the lovely weather I've come across a couple of lovely new products that I've been really loving recently. The weather has also meant that I've pulled out a few old favourites that had been stuffed to the back of the draw. Isn't it great when you find products you forgot you's like shopping for free! So here's what I've been reaching for over the last week or so...

FashionistA 6 Well Palette
 I've been really intruiged by the FashionistA brand for a while and when MUA recently had their bargain promotion for the brand I decided to get myself a palette and chose two bronzers, blushers and eye shadows. It's a great little go to palette and I've been loving the bronzers to give myself a nice healthy glow!

Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in On Hold
 I cannot believe I took so long to get my first ever Mac lipstick! It's just amazing in every way and the fuchsia pink colour is pefect for this weather. It's not overly bright but gives a lovely splash of colour.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
 This product has so many uses and it's perfect for this time of year. I've been using it after cleansing, for setting my makeup, misting my face whilst I'm out and also cooling myself off during the day. I've been keeping it in my bag so I've always got it to hand and it's just such a handy product to have. I have a full review here for anyone that thinks water in a spray can is a little odd!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup
 I'd put this product to the back of my draw during winter as I had found it a little drying during the harsh months but it's the perfect melt free foundation in the heat. It sets on the face really quickly after applying and doesn't budge or melt all day. I don't at all find it heavy but it still gives the medium/full coverage that I really like. It also seems to last forever! 

Superdrug Coconut and Shea Butter Body Polish
I actually found this in my wardrobe, of all places, whilst I was having a bit of a clear out. I didn't even know I had it. It smells amazing! The Shea Butter/Coconut smell always reminds me of being on holiday. It's a really creamy and moisrurisng scrub that works so well, with the perfect summer scent too!

What products are you reaching for at the moment?

Kelsey xx

French Skincare Wishlist


As you might have seen from other posts I'm becoming a really big fan of french skincare (Avene & La Roche Posay in particular) and really want to try out more of their products. The few products I've tried so far have really helped my skin and many of them are designed for dry and sensitive skin which is perfect for me. I'm trying to update my skincare collection so it's really suited to my skin type and skin care needs. Hopefully I'll banish the redness!

Beautysets - French Skincare Wishlist
All products available from Escentual

(I'm not including prices as they seem to vary depending on sites and offers. All can be found on the link above and none are over £15)

1. Caudalie Gentle Cleanser - I'm really loving milk cleansers at the moment and this one sounds perfect! It's suitable for sensitive skin which is great for me. I use milk cleansers the same way as hot cloth cleansers but you can remove them with cotton pads or cotton pads and toner. They're really versatile in that way which is great.

2. Bioderma - I've been wanting to try this product for so long! I tend to stay clear of hyped up products as they can sometimes be a let down but this has been so raved about that I need to try it. I think it's the perfect product for traveling or nights when I'm being a little bit lazy.

3. Avene Anti Redness Cream - I suffer from really bad redness on my cheeks and am forever looking for products to help this. I've tried a sample of this cream and it's lovely. Creates a perfect base for foundation too!

4. Avene Skin Recovery Cream - After reading a few things about Avene's creams I decided this is the perfect over night cream for my face when I have eczema flare ups or my skin is just playing up in terms of dryness. It looks like a lovely basic cream with nothing too fancy.

5. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - After reading about this product I really want to try it out. I sounds perfect for times when my skin is playing up. I actually realised the other night that I have no products for breakouts (I don't really suffer with my skin in that way). After having a bit of a breakout due to using a facemask I decided it was time to add something like this to my skincare collection.

What's your opinion on French skincare brands? Are any of these on your wishlist?

Kelsey xx

Review - La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water


I hope you're all well!

After trying Avene's version of the Thermal Water Spray I completely fell in love with it and didn't know how I hadn't come across the product before! I use it everyday in my skincare and makeup routine. If you don't already own some I really suggest you try it!

I bought the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water purely because my Avene version had ran out and I thought, why not try another brand? The Thermal Spring Water comes in a 150ml (or 300g as it says on the can...weird?) spray can. I love La Roche-Posay packaging as it's simple yet appealing and this product is no different.
La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water
La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water - £7.50
So, you're wondering why buy water in a can when you can get it out the tap? The Thermal Spring water contains natural antioxidants and minerals which are great for the skin. It's also manufactured in a sterile environment and the spray is designed to prevent anything nasty from getting in. As well as this the actual water is free from any of the nasty things found in tap water that can irritate the skin.

What I love about this product is the many uses it has and I always keep it in my handbag so I have it to hand! The main two things I use it for is to balance my skin after cleansing (just a quick spritz and pat dry) and to set my makeup. I've found a real improved difference in my skin from using it after cleansing. It's more hydrated, smooth and the redness is reduced. It's great for setting my makeup and keeping it looking fresh throughout the day. If you like the dewy look then this product is definitely for you! It allows you to set your makeup with powder but also have a fresh, dewy look! Lovely! The other great uses are to keep the skin hydrated, prevent the skin drying out during the day and reducing irritation/cooling rashes. It really has so many uses that for £7.50 you can't complain!

Have you tried Thermal Spring Water? What is your opinion? Is it worth the money?

Kelsey xx
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