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Wow, it's being a while since I wrote a post but it feels good getting back to it again! Over the past 6 weeks or so I've been doing my uni work placement. I choose to go to an animal sanctuary and absolutely loved it! However, working 9-5:30 and being pretty much non stop (apart from tea and lunch breaks) took it out of me and I didn't really have the time or energy to blog. I'm happy to say that I am going back to my placement a couple of days a week as a voluntary worker, but I'll still have loads of time to blog!

So, 10 days ago it was my 21st and I got given a far about of money. I haven't decided what to do with the bulk of my money yet (I'm torn between a tablet and new lens!) but I've spent a little bit of it on beauty products I've been after and needed. It felt nice going shopping and not having to worry if I'll still have enough money for food! Perks of being a student, hey!?

Fashionista Palette

I've been after trying some of FashionistA's products for a while and the bronzers, blushers and merged eye shadows look so pretty! I went for the 6 well palette and got two of each product. It cost £10 which is absolutely amazing!

I haven't had a real shop in LUSH for ages so I thought birthday money spending was the perfect opportunity. I got the Oatifix mask (£5.95), my favourite bath bomb - space girl (£2.10) and the FUN bar which is amazing (£5).

Real Techniques Duo Fibre

When I was going in to boot I didn't actually have these on my list but grabbed them as soon as I saw them. They're amazing however they're also my only RT brushes to have shed! It's only the powder brush and about 3 hairs but I was slightly disappointed. I think this set is around £24.

Skin Care

Avene is a brand I'm falling in love with. I want to start trying more of there products so I got this toner which was around £11. The thermal spray is a product I recommend if you have dry, sensitive skin and is also amazing if you like a dewy look to your makeup (£7ish). I'd ran out of eye cream so grabbed this and I'm really liking it so far (£8.99).

MAC Cremesheen On Hold

Lastly I got my first MAC lipstick. I was after a colour similar to my favourite Bourjois lipstick that they no longer sell. The woman on the counter (Trafford Selfridges) was lovely! She helped me pick the shade based on the colour I brought with me, complemented my makeup and applied the shade so I could see what it looked like one. The shade I chose is On Hold and I'm hoping to go back soon to pick up Fanfare.

What have you bought recently?



  1. Great haul! I've heard mixed things about the new RT brushes! Love my other ones though but not quite sure about the duo ones! xx

    1. I've had a bit of an issue with them shedding, both when using them and washing. Other than that they're great for light applications, though the eye brush isn't very good for applying asit tends to spread the shadow everywhere. It's great for blending and getting rid of harsh edges though!

      Kelsey xx


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Kelsey xx

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