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Although I have reallyyyy long hair, my spread of hair is actually quite thin. I'm lucky that my individual hairs are actually really thick (unfortunately I know this because we had to measure the thickness during a lecture that included being taught how to measure things on the microscope, haha) so heat doesn't damage it easier, but the thinness in the spread of hair can cause issues with volume, so I avoid straightening it. kindly offered me the chance to review Viviscal Hair Filler Fibres. This is a product designed to give the hair a fuller, thicker appearance with more volume and prevent it looking thinker. The fibres are really small and said to be 'electrostatically' charged, which makes them stick to the hair and give a fuller appearance. It is designed for both men and woman, and I really like that the packaging reflects this, so it doesn't lean more towards one sex. The product is available in a range of hair colours including dark brown/black, auburn, light brown, blonde and grey which means there is a colour to suit everyone. This also stops the product being noticeable in the hair and makes it easily blend-able.

Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres
Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres
Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres
Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres - $24.99*

As I have dark brown hair I went for the dark brown/black product. It was a really great match for my hair colour and once applied the product was not at all noticeable, just the effects of it. It comes in a little 'shakey' pot which makes it really easy to distribute over the hair. I did however find that you need to be gentle, otherwise too much product does come out. Once distributed over the problem areas you have to gentle rub the hair to blend the product further. It blended in with the hair and I did see a noticeable difference. My hair looked fuller at the roots. I also used it on my problem area, around my hair line where my hairs are thinner and lighter, and it really helped here too. Overall the product worked really well however I would suggest it's applied before makeup as it did spread a little on to my forehead and stuck to my foundation.

The product comes in a 15g pot, which doesn't sound a lot, but it's because the product is so light and fine. It's said to last approximately a month, although I would only use it when I straighten my hair so it would last me a lot longer.

It can be purchased from here and retails at $24.99 (£16.13) and using promo code VIVISCAL will give you $5 off.

Do you think you'd try this product? Do you use a similar product?

Kelsey xx

*pr sample

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