Review - MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation


However much I love drugstore makeup I've come to terms with the fact that drugstore foundations just don't cut it when it comes to my skin type. When I purchase a foundation I want one that will stay all day, has full coverage and is suitable for my dry/sensitive skin. I've tried a few drugstore foundations but unfortunately I've always been let down by them in one way or another. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing my Bourjois Healthy Mix or Revlon Colorstay when my skin is behaving or I'm nipping out, but a lot of the time I want something with far more coverage.

So because of this I started looking into high end foundations. The first I came across was Estee Lauder Double Wear (Review here), which is amazing but I needed something more suited to my dry skin during cold, windy days. Mac's Studio Sculpt is said to be a full coverage foundation which is suitable for dry skin, so I went and got a sample. I would love to thank the lovely staff member at the Mac Selfridges counter at the Trafford Centre who colour matched me so quickly and perfectly! After a few days of using the foundation I was in love! Possible holy grail status?!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - £24

I was colour matched to NW15 which was absolutely perfect. The sample pot was sooo tiny but the amount I need to cover my face is so little that I actually was using the sample for over a week before I needed to purchase the foundation! The foundation is gel based and quite thick which I really like. It glides on so smoothly with the use of my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. It doesn't look cakey at all and builds up really nicely in any places that need it. One thing that first worried me about this foundation is the possibility of it feeling heavy because of the thickness and full coverage but this isn't the case at all. It feels light weight on my skin and doesn't at all make my skin feel 'clogged up'. The foundation also contains SPF 15 which helps to protect your skin from sun damage, as well as being waterproof which helps it stay in place and not fade in the rain. 

Overall I love, love, love this foundation! The coverage is amazing and exactly what I want. It doesn't cling to my dry patches and still looks intact at the end of the day. At £24 it is one of the most expensive Mac foundations but it does come in a 40ml tube and a little goes a really long way!

Have you tried this foundation!

Kelsey xx

Instagram #9


So I've finally finished second year uni exams and the bulk of year two (eek!) and I'm currently doing my 5 weeks of work placement which is followed by a lovely, huge report! I thought finishing exams would give me a little more time to blog but it's taken me a while to get in to my new routine and I've been so tired I've just not had the energy to blog! I've drafted some posts for this coming week though so it won't be another week before the next post! Woo!

So here's what I've been getting up to in the past couple of weeks. I decided that I would treat myself after my exams and picked up a few goodies I've been wanting for a while. Super happy to get these but my wishlist is still miles long, whoops!

I got a lovely new bag, featured on my bag wishlist here.
Lovely sunny day in Chester. Blue sky!
Decided to organised my products. They're now neatly separated!
Lovely lazy day in bed with a nice cup of tea and my Friends boxset.

Cody being a mud magnet!
Post exam haul! Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation, Revlon Colorstay Concealer, Avene Thermal Water & some new sunglasses (there was some sun when I bought this, haha!)
Tried the Glamglow Youth Mud mask, won't be doing that again! Ouch!
Tabby cat taking a cat nap.

More post exam shopping. Finally got the Naked 2 palette and it's so pretty. Amazing quality and well worth the money!
Ember laid some eggs.
Brucey keeping his toes clean.

Kelsey xx

My Top 10 Festival Essentials


 I thought I'd do a bit of a different post for you today and I hope you all enjoy it! So, it's coming up to festival season (although the weather doesn't look like it) and for some of you it'll be your very first time going. I hope this post will help you out with want to take, what not to take and some essentials you might need. I've been lucky enough to go to Leeds Fest twice (2010 & 2011) so kinda know what sort of stuff is essential. Obviously festivals aren't the most hygienic places and the lack of wash/shower facilities means there's a few tips and tricks that will help you stay clean throughout your time there. There's also the longggg walk from the drop of point, to the ticket gates and then to a space for your tent. With this is mind saving space and taking as little as possible is really important! I took too much both times and walking with heavy bags for an hour is killer! So here are my top 10 essentials...

Good Quality Makeup Wipes - Although there are sink/shower facilities there's normally not very many and the queues are often large. Not to forget you could be camped a 5/10 minute walk from the nearest station. Going back and forth every morning and night with your Liz Earle cleanser just isn't feasible. I like to take along good quality makeup wipes that cleanse and tone, to remove all traces of the days makeup and keep my skin feeling fresh! It'll also save space in your bag!

Baby wipes - Okay, so like I said before there are limited show facilities and normally hugggeee queues waiting for them too. Who wants to waste their time queuing for ages? It might sound a bit gross but I tend not to bother with showering whilst there, but just have a good tent wash with some baby wipes! Haha, it's not that bad! And just remember, everyone will be doing the same!

Good Quality Deodorant - This goes without saying. The lack of showers and hot, packed crowds. Yup, a good quality deodorant is needed. I'd also suggest checking the rules and regulations of the festival you're going to too, as some have rules as to what size aerosols you're allowed to take in with you.

Dry Shampoo - Definitely an essential to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh whilst you're there!

Toiletry Minis - With any toiletries you're going to take invest in minis or transfer products into travel pots. You want to keep your bag as light as possible. Walking to the camping site with heavy, heavy bags is me!

Hair Ties, Bands and Grips - If you're anything like me after the fist day or two you'll get annoyed with the wind blowing your hair in your face, it being caught by people walking behind you in crowds and becoming unmanageable because you can't wash and style it. There's nothing worse than wanting to tie your hair up and not having a hair tie, so be sure to take plenty!

Simple, Lightweight Makeup - So everyone wants to look lovely and fresh faced but the last thing you want is to spend ages doing makeup and having a heavy makeup face all day. Lightweight makeup that won't take too long is essential. Products like BB cream reduce the amount of products needed and time taken to apply them. Mix this with lashings of mascara and a quick flick of liquid eyeliner and your good to go!

Wellington Boots - These go without saying! It rain heavily the first second time I went to Leeds and with the amount of people walking around it gets boggy and doesn't dry out. I wouldn't even suggest any other footwear!

Over Shoulder Bag - It's horrible to say this as a festival is meant to be a happy, exciting place where people are friendly but people do and will steal. Within about 30 minutes of my first time at Leeds we were told not to leave any valuables in the tent as reports of stolen money and belongings had already come in! A good, secure over shoulder bag is essential. I would keep it on the small side and ones with hidden pockets for money are great!

Lightweight Clothing - Thin tops and denim shorts, always the festival staples! Lightweight clothing is great as it keeps to cool in the crowds and dries quickly if it rains. 

Most importantly of all...have a good time (how cheesy, haha!)

Kelsey xx

A Trip To Chester Zoo - Again!


So I recently went for a day out at Chester Zoo, and of course took my camera with me! As I'm an Animal Studies student at the University of Chester I am luckily enough to receive an annual zoo pass allowing me free entry in to the zoo, as part of my course. I also live a 10 minute bus journey from the zoo (Bonus!) meaning zoo days out are literally just round the corner for me.

The weather was really lovely which was great! Nice and sunny with a light breeze to keep to cool as you were walking round. The sun also gave good lighting for photos which I always like! Chester Zoo have loads of baby animals at the moment so if you live close by I would really recommend going, it's a great day out!

So, here's a few snaps I got during the day!

Elephant scratching it's butt on the log! You gotta do what you gotta do!

Mummy and baby

Another baby. I'm not sure if this is the one above or another.

The female Great One Horned Rhino...the male didn't get a picture because he was being rude!

Capybara chilling in the sun

Grevy's Zebra

Roan Antelope with its big, floppy ears.

Black Rhino mummy. Her baby is just behind but we couldn't see it properly as they were both napping.

And a zoo visit wouldn't be complete without a Meerkat photo! Don't be fooled though, they're not at all as cute as they look! You'll understand if you've ever had to work with them.

Humboldt penguin about to go in the water. There was actually a Grey Heron in the enclosure steeling fish!

Lovely little bird in the walk through bird enclosure

And another!

Green Tree Python. Beautiful looking snake and actually one of my favourite snake species

And again

Otters having their dinner...sorry about the fish head!

Penguins again

Hope you enjoyed looking!

Kelsey xx

Review - Viviscal Hair Filler Fibres


Although I have reallyyyy long hair, my spread of hair is actually quite thin. I'm lucky that my individual hairs are actually really thick (unfortunately I know this because we had to measure the thickness during a lecture that included being taught how to measure things on the microscope, haha) so heat doesn't damage it easier, but the thinness in the spread of hair can cause issues with volume, so I avoid straightening it. kindly offered me the chance to review Viviscal Hair Filler Fibres. This is a product designed to give the hair a fuller, thicker appearance with more volume and prevent it looking thinker. The fibres are really small and said to be 'electrostatically' charged, which makes them stick to the hair and give a fuller appearance. It is designed for both men and woman, and I really like that the packaging reflects this, so it doesn't lean more towards one sex. The product is available in a range of hair colours including dark brown/black, auburn, light brown, blonde and grey which means there is a colour to suit everyone. This also stops the product being noticeable in the hair and makes it easily blend-able.

Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres
Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres
Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres
Visiscal Hair Filler Fibres - $24.99*

As I have dark brown hair I went for the dark brown/black product. It was a really great match for my hair colour and once applied the product was not at all noticeable, just the effects of it. It comes in a little 'shakey' pot which makes it really easy to distribute over the hair. I did however find that you need to be gentle, otherwise too much product does come out. Once distributed over the problem areas you have to gentle rub the hair to blend the product further. It blended in with the hair and I did see a noticeable difference. My hair looked fuller at the roots. I also used it on my problem area, around my hair line where my hairs are thinner and lighter, and it really helped here too. Overall the product worked really well however I would suggest it's applied before makeup as it did spread a little on to my forehead and stuck to my foundation.

The product comes in a 15g pot, which doesn't sound a lot, but it's because the product is so light and fine. It's said to last approximately a month, although I would only use it when I straighten my hair so it would last me a lot longer.

It can be purchased from here and retails at $24.99 (£16.13) and using promo code VIVISCAL will give you $5 off.

Do you think you'd try this product? Do you use a similar product?

Kelsey xx

*pr sample

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