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I've been craving a try of the Washi! cloths for ages, but never actually got round to buying them and just stuck to my muslin cloth. As part of our #northmeetup goodie bag (Blog post on this event will be up soon!) we received a Washi! Skin Polishing Kit containing one hot cloth and one polishing towel. They were presented so lovely too! I really love companies that make a little extra effort to do things like this!

Washi Skin Polishing Kit
Washi! Skin Polishing Kit* £2.95-£8.95
 So, the Washi! hot cloth is said to retain heat better than a regular face cloth or muslin cloth, exfoliate and remove all traces of makeup. I couldn't agree more! It retains heat so, so well. Much better than the current muslin cloth I had been using. It also removes makeup really well with the help of a cleanser, but without feeling harsh or rough on the skin. They're super soft. I've also found that makeup rinses out of them a lot better than other facecloths I've used, and they don't seem to get as stained with makeup.

The polishing towel is said to buff, dry and exfoliate the skin further. Now I have to admit that I'm a bit naughty when it comes to drying my face and either allow it to dry naturally or just use my showering towel to dry it. I know I shouldn't and that's to the Washi cloths I have now stopped doing this! The polishing towel is super, super soft! It dries and buffs the skin really well leaving it looking lovely and fresh as well as feeling soft!

Both the cloths are washable so you can reuse them. I really love them and will definitely be stocking up on both so I still have fresh ones when others are in the wash! They can be purchased from here and are available to buy in different size packs. To further add to the lovely packaging they have many packaging designs available which makes them a really great gift to as you can co-ordinate the packing to the person you're buying for. What a lovely touch!

Have you tried the Washi! cloths?

Kelsey xx

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