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Hello! I thought I'd have a quick revision break and do a nice blog post. With exams on their way it feels like forever since I blogged regularly. Tomorrow is my first exam, Animal Health & Disease, so today has been full of revising virus lifecyles, parasites and stress!

So, apart from revision, here's what I have been getting up to since my last Instagram post!

Coke float at home // Tilly lost a puppy tooth // Ember gecko // Couldn't resist a Miss Selfridge bargain // Nacho veggiedogs // Cody's first yellow dog walk // Nap time for my fluffy boy // Goody bags from #northmeetup // Goodies from #northmeetup // Blanx! // Kodak instamatic film cameras! // This ice cream was so good! // Silly humans // Found Cody's puppy picture // Photo time with Ember // Joben gecko!

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Kelsey xx

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