30 ways to save £1!

  As Money Supermarket are currently celebrating the 30th birthday of the pound coin they're giving bloggers the chance to come up with 30 ways to save £1 (or more) and the chance to earn £30 by doing so. They're also running a competition for all bloggers who enter, and one will be chosen at random, to win £1000!

 For more information about this visit the Money Supermarket website here.

So here are my pound saving tips...

1. Reguarly check for your faviourite brands at pound and discount shops. You could save a couple of £s on your faviourite shampoo!
2. Buy a money tin that needs to be 'tin opened' rather than a regular money jar. It will stop to dipping your hands in to your small savings.
3. Avoid buying online and paying delivery changes if the item is available at a near by shop. You could save £3-4 just by walking to be shop!
4. Take a packed lunch to work instead of buying out. It'll be cheaper and healthier.
5. Ebay! Not only for buying, but also selling. If I want something new I always check if I have something that I don't use and can sell first. That way it pays for your new items.
6. Use sites like Freecycle and Facebook selling pages. Some people are happy to giveaway items just to get them out of the way.
7. Try to avoid spontaneous purchase. If you want something but don't need it, leave it a few days and you'll probably forget!
8. Regularly check sites like Groupon and Buyapowa, they often have good savings.
9. Remember pennies make pounds! Keep your small change, it soon adds up.
10. Before buying a new product, especially high end, ask for samples. It will stop money being wasted if the product isn't for you.
11. Make takeaways at home rather than ordering out. The ingredients to make Sweet and Sour sauce (from scratch) cost the same as a take out and gives you enough to make it at least 5 times. 
12. Car sharing. When traveling to the same location share cars with friends instead of traveling separately. Splitting the cost of the petrol will save you all money.
13. Before food shopping check the cupboards and fridge and write a list of what you need. Only buy from the list and don't be taken in by BOGOF offers on items you wouldn't normally buy.
14. When your going somewhere within walking distance...walk! You'll save money on petrol and it's healthier.
15. Use online compare sites before going forward with a purchase. You can find some really good deals doing this.
16. Buy in bulk. Items like pasta and rice have a long shelf life and are often far cheaper when bought in bulk rather than small packets.
17. Work out a weekly spending limit. When I started uni I worked out how much I could afford to spend each week. At the beginning of the week I take out this amount and avoid using my card to stop over spending. Any left over money from the week can be saved.
18. Save product samples found in magazines and given away during product launches. They're ideal for taking on holiday with you rather than buying travel sized bottles.
19. Invest in a case weight so you can weigh holiday suit cases before you get to the airport. They're not expensive and can prevent surprise charges on excessive baggage! Alternatively you can use bathroom scales.
20. Check student discount and glitch sites. They're always being update with the latest deals and money saving finds.
21. Always buy cases and screen protectors for phones, tablets and cameras. It doesn't initially save money but it will prevent breakages and save money with repair or replacement costs.
22. Charity shops and carboot sales are great places to find all sorts of bargains. From clothes to furniture, they're always worth checking out!
23. Use home dye kits rather than paying for your hair to be dyed at the hairdressers. They cost about £5 and are super easy to use.
24. Sign up for points cards like Tesco Club Card, Boots Advantage Card and Sainsbury's Nectar Card. You can save money buy using vouchers and points to buy items. Some restaurants also do this too!
25. If you buy clothes and the shop assistant asks if you want the hangers, say yes! It saves you having to buy your own and they're normally good quality too.
26. Some shops charge for carrier bags so always keep a few with you. They fold up really small and will save you money from not having to buy them!
27. Always remember to use your student discount or ask friends for theirs. Sites like Unidays also allow you to use student discount online now without needing to buy an NUS card.
28. Recycle old DVDs, games and CDs. There's both high street shops and online shops that allow you to do this so it's super easy.
29. Try drinking tap water rather than buying it bottled. You can even keep a small water jug in the fridge which gives it a more refreshing taste.
30. Don't be sucked in by free trials that need to be cancelled to prevent the first payment being taken after the first free month or so. Sellers are often very persuasive but be firm and say no thanks!

So there they are! I tried not be make them completely uni related but a lot are student related so hopefully they'll help out a lot of you!

Kelsey xx



  1. i have a 'tin opener' tin, which i bought from the pound shop haha:) this is a post:)

    please check out my blog if you have the time,

    1. Yeah that's where I get mine from :)

      Kelsey xx

  2. Haha this is class I'm defiantly going to keep some of these suggestions in mind :)! I'm wanting to follow your blog but there is no follow button ? Or it may be because I'm in a mobile ? X


    1. Thank you :) Glad they're of use!

      I think it might be because you're on mobile. They're should be a button to follow via GFC at the side and a bloglovin button towards the top of the side bar :)

      Kelsey xx


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