What's In My Handbag!


Exams are over and I finally have time to blog when I want again! Woo!

Sooo, I love reading these types of posts of other peoples blogs, mainly because I'm so nosey! So since I really love reading them I guessed you all would too, and decided to go ahead and do one. My current bag I actually only got a couple of weeks ago and it's not too full of rubbish (yet!). My old bag was on it's last legs and full to the brim with old receipts!

Structured Tab Bag

Whats in my handbag

Whats in my handbag

Whats in my handbag

So, my bag itself is from Accessorize and is currently still in stock at £35. It's a really lovely bag that also comes with a shoulder strap which is really good for when I've got a lot of uni books and it gets a bit heavier. It's also got a lovely little phone pocket which is really useless. Link for the bag is here.

Purse - My purse is lovely and big! This is also from Accessorize and I got it in the sale just after Christmas. It's a lot bigger than my previous purse and has plenty of card storage which is really great.

Antihistamines and Painkillers - Haha, I never go anywhere without these! I'm currently having some allergy tests carried out as I have an unknown allergy so keeping these with me is essential other wise it's runny eyes and sneezing (gross). I always like to have painkillers which me too so I'm not caught out by a headache.

iPod Touch - I love having my iPod with me! I have a lovely pink case on it as well as a screen protector as I hate things like these getting scratched. My earphones are Skullcandy which is a brand I've been using for ears. Really good quality and long lasting!

Diary and Notepad - Both essentials for a uni student!

Pens - I don't normally carry this mountain of pens with me but the last couple of weeks have been exams and I sort of panic about pens running out during the exam. Like to make sure I take plenty with me!

Real Techniques Power Brush and L'oreal Powder - Girly essentials for touching up makeup during the day! I love the RT Powder Brush, still super soft after nearly a year of use.

Glasses - I'm short sighted so need to keep my glasses with me especially when I go to uni. I've had these for a couple of years and they're actually childrens glasses (I obviously have an embarrassingly small head!). Hopefully I'm gonna be able to get some more soon!

Aviator Sunglasses - I actually picked these up from H&M when I went shopping at the weekend. I think they were around £5 which is a really good price. I have trouble finding sunglasses small enough but H&M always have really good fitting ones.

A lip collection - I actually didn't realise I had this many lip products on my bag. Three of them are lipbalms, Palmers is my fave! The MUA lipstick can be seen on a review here and the ELF liptint here. The Bourjois lipstick is actually one of my faviourites but since they brought out the Rouge Collection I've had trouble finding it.

Avene Mineral Water Spray - This is an amazing spray! It's got so many uses and the little 50ml can is really handy for keeping in your bag. I use it in the morning to set my makeup and then throughout the day to keep it looking lovely and fresh.

HTC Desire S - Like most people, my phone is always with me. I'm pretty clumsy when it comes to phones so I use a Casemate double case which is a rubber case with a hard outer case. It's never failed me yet!

So, that's what's in my handbag! It's pretty standard but I hoped you enjoyed reading it! If you want a review of any of the products mentioned then let me know!

Kelsey xx

30 ways to save £1!

  As Money Supermarket are currently celebrating the 30th birthday of the pound coin they're giving bloggers the chance to come up with 30 ways to save £1 (or more) and the chance to earn £30 by doing so. They're also running a competition for all bloggers who enter, and one will be chosen at random, to win £1000!

 For more information about this visit the Money Supermarket website here.

So here are my pound saving tips...

1. Reguarly check for your faviourite brands at pound and discount shops. You could save a couple of £s on your faviourite shampoo!
2. Buy a money tin that needs to be 'tin opened' rather than a regular money jar. It will stop to dipping your hands in to your small savings.
3. Avoid buying online and paying delivery changes if the item is available at a near by shop. You could save £3-4 just by walking to be shop!
4. Take a packed lunch to work instead of buying out. It'll be cheaper and healthier.
5. Ebay! Not only for buying, but also selling. If I want something new I always check if I have something that I don't use and can sell first. That way it pays for your new items.
6. Use sites like Freecycle and Facebook selling pages. Some people are happy to giveaway items just to get them out of the way.
7. Try to avoid spontaneous purchase. If you want something but don't need it, leave it a few days and you'll probably forget!
8. Regularly check sites like Groupon and Buyapowa, they often have good savings.
9. Remember pennies make pounds! Keep your small change, it soon adds up.
10. Before buying a new product, especially high end, ask for samples. It will stop money being wasted if the product isn't for you.
11. Make takeaways at home rather than ordering out. The ingredients to make Sweet and Sour sauce (from scratch) cost the same as a take out and gives you enough to make it at least 5 times. 
12. Car sharing. When traveling to the same location share cars with friends instead of traveling separately. Splitting the cost of the petrol will save you all money.
13. Before food shopping check the cupboards and fridge and write a list of what you need. Only buy from the list and don't be taken in by BOGOF offers on items you wouldn't normally buy.
14. When your going somewhere within walking distance...walk! You'll save money on petrol and it's healthier.
15. Use online compare sites before going forward with a purchase. You can find some really good deals doing this.
16. Buy in bulk. Items like pasta and rice have a long shelf life and are often far cheaper when bought in bulk rather than small packets.
17. Work out a weekly spending limit. When I started uni I worked out how much I could afford to spend each week. At the beginning of the week I take out this amount and avoid using my card to stop over spending. Any left over money from the week can be saved.
18. Save product samples found in magazines and given away during product launches. They're ideal for taking on holiday with you rather than buying travel sized bottles.
19. Invest in a case weight so you can weigh holiday suit cases before you get to the airport. They're not expensive and can prevent surprise charges on excessive baggage! Alternatively you can use bathroom scales.
20. Check student discount and glitch sites. They're always being update with the latest deals and money saving finds.
21. Always buy cases and screen protectors for phones, tablets and cameras. It doesn't initially save money but it will prevent breakages and save money with repair or replacement costs.
22. Charity shops and carboot sales are great places to find all sorts of bargains. From clothes to furniture, they're always worth checking out!
23. Use home dye kits rather than paying for your hair to be dyed at the hairdressers. They cost about £5 and are super easy to use.
24. Sign up for points cards like Tesco Club Card, Boots Advantage Card and Sainsbury's Nectar Card. You can save money buy using vouchers and points to buy items. Some restaurants also do this too!
25. If you buy clothes and the shop assistant asks if you want the hangers, say yes! It saves you having to buy your own and they're normally good quality too.
26. Some shops charge for carrier bags so always keep a few with you. They fold up really small and will save you money from not having to buy them!
27. Always remember to use your student discount or ask friends for theirs. Sites like Unidays also allow you to use student discount online now without needing to buy an NUS card.
28. Recycle old DVDs, games and CDs. There's both high street shops and online shops that allow you to do this so it's super easy.
29. Try drinking tap water rather than buying it bottled. You can even keep a small water jug in the fridge which gives it a more refreshing taste.
30. Don't be sucked in by free trials that need to be cancelled to prevent the first payment being taken after the first free month or so. Sellers are often very persuasive but be firm and say no thanks!

So there they are! I tried not be make them completely uni related but a lot are student related so hopefully they'll help out a lot of you!

Kelsey xx


Review - The Pound Shop Argan Oil!


I'm sure I'm not the only one who is a sucker for a bargain! I love going in to pound shops and 99p shops to see what products they have on their shelves. It's always great when we spot our favourite brands on the shelves of these shops!

I recently nipped to Poundworld after hearing that people had spotted Sleek makeup on their shelves. Unfortunately I was left slightly dissapointed as the shop I went to only had a couple of lipsticks left :( but they did have a HUGE stack of mascaras, so obviously I picked up a couple of those! I then went to the hair care section and spotted they had Argan Oil on the shelves for just £1! I was a little put back as first as it doesn't seem to be branded in any way, but for just £1 I though it was worth a try!

Pound Shop Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Pound Shop Argan Oil Hair Treatment

It comes in a lovely little 30ml bottle which I think is standard for hair oils. It also came boxed which made it seem a bit posher than something I'd just picked up from the pound shop. I would just like to say that I have never tried Argan Oil (or any type of hair oil) before this so have literally nothing to compare it to. It has a mild scent, which just smells a bit like the hairdressers or standard hair care products. 30ml doesn't seem like a lot but with this product a little goes a long way! It says to use 4-5 drops for long hair, which I've found to be just right. I've been applying it to towel dried hair and then styling my hair as normal. I was a little worried that it would make my hair look greasy or be too heavy for my hair but it's not like that as all. After drying you wouldn't know that I've applied 'oil' to my hair, it just feels lovely, soft and shiney. I would say that unfortunately the results from this product only last a day or two and after that my hair doesn't feel as soft but for a £1 product, I can't complain!

Have you tried the Pound Shop Argan oil? Would hair oil do you recommend?


Review - Washi! Skin Polishing Kit


I've been craving a try of the Washi! cloths for ages, but never actually got round to buying them and just stuck to my muslin cloth. As part of our #northmeetup goodie bag (Blog post on this event will be up soon!) we received a Washi! Skin Polishing Kit containing one hot cloth and one polishing towel. They were presented so lovely too! I really love companies that make a little extra effort to do things like this!

Washi Skin Polishing Kit
Washi! Skin Polishing Kit* £2.95-£8.95
 So, the Washi! hot cloth is said to retain heat better than a regular face cloth or muslin cloth, exfoliate and remove all traces of makeup. I couldn't agree more! It retains heat so, so well. Much better than the current muslin cloth I had been using. It also removes makeup really well with the help of a cleanser, but without feeling harsh or rough on the skin. They're super soft. I've also found that makeup rinses out of them a lot better than other facecloths I've used, and they don't seem to get as stained with makeup.

The polishing towel is said to buff, dry and exfoliate the skin further. Now I have to admit that I'm a bit naughty when it comes to drying my face and either allow it to dry naturally or just use my showering towel to dry it. I know I shouldn't and that's to the Washi cloths I have now stopped doing this! The polishing towel is super, super soft! It dries and buffs the skin really well leaving it looking lovely and fresh as well as feeling soft!

Both the cloths are washable so you can reuse them. I really love them and will definitely be stocking up on both so I still have fresh ones when others are in the wash! They can be purchased from here and are available to buy in different size packs. To further add to the lovely packaging they have many packaging designs available which makes them a really great gift to as you can co-ordinate the packing to the person you're buying for. What a lovely touch!

Have you tried the Washi! cloths?

Kelsey xx

Instagram #8

Hello! I thought I'd have a quick revision break and do a nice blog post. With exams on their way it feels like forever since I blogged regularly. Tomorrow is my first exam, Animal Health & Disease, so today has been full of revising virus lifecyles, parasites and stress responses...fun!

So, apart from revision, here's what I have been getting up to since my last Instagram post!

Coke float at home // Tilly lost a puppy tooth // Ember gecko // Couldn't resist a Miss Selfridge bargain // Nacho veggiedogs // Cody's first yellow dog walk // Nap time for my fluffy boy // Goody bags from #northmeetup // Goodies from #northmeetup // Blanx! // Kodak instamatic film cameras! // This ice cream was so good! // Silly humans // Found Cody's puppy picture // Photo time with Ember // Joben gecko!

You can follow me on Instagram @KelseyShep_

Kelsey xx

Review - Aussie Mega Shampoo


First of all I'd like to say a quick sorry for not posting much lately. I've been a bit busy revising, enjoying time of uni and of course yesterdays North Meet Up! It was an amazing event and Em did an amazing job! I just want to say a huge thank you to her and it was great to finally meet everyone, post will be up within the next few days!

So today I'm reviewing Aussie's Mega Shampoo! It's pretty rare that I buy and everyday shampoo that doesn't do much apart from clean your hair. I normally go for frizz reducing, moiturising, curling ect time shampoos.

Aussion Mega Shampoo 500ml
Aussie Mega Shampoo 500ml - £5.99

Aussie Mega Shampoo 500ml
 So why did I buy this you might ask? Since coming back home for Easter my hair has become a lot more frizzy than normal. I thought it was pretty odd but put it down to the difference in the water and after mentioning it on a #bbloggers chat was advised to get a clarifying shampoo. I thought this was a great idea as because of how many products I use (leave in conditioner, argan oil, moose, finishing serum and sometimes hairspray!) I feel that sometimes by hair can get a bit 'clogged up' with products and could use a deep clean. 

So I popped to boots and started hunting for a clarifying shampoo. Unfortunately I could only find a couple of brands that did a clarifying/deep cleansing shampoo so decided to stick with what I know...Aussie! Although the Aussie Mega Shampoo isn't a 'clarify' shampoo it is a general use shampoo which gives a deep clean without leaving residue and is suitable for every day use. Perfect!

Aussie Mega Shampoo 500ml

Aussie Mega Shampoo 500ml

Of course being Aussie the smell is wonderful. Fruity and floral with a small hint of aloe vera. For my long hair I use about a 50p sized amount and it lathers up so, so well. After rinsing my hair was literally squeaky clean and felt so lovely once dried. The shampoo worked so well. It didn't at all leave any residue and left my hair super, super clean. It makes me feel better at using so many products as I know this shampoo will prevent my hair becoming 'clogged up'. I'm going to start using it once a week to give my hair a deeper clean as I think once a week will be enough.

The Aussie Mega Shampoo is available in 300ml (£4.49) and 500ml (£5.99) here.

Do you use a clarifying shampoo or worried about how many products you use?

Kelsey xx

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