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I'd first like to start of by saying a little sorry for being a bit absent over the past week or so. Yesterday was my last lecture of year 2, so the past couple of weeks have been spent finishing off assignments and getting them submitted! There's now only one assignment left to submit in a couple of months after I have completed my work placement.

So now I have three weeks of exam revision before my exams, which are split up over 2 weeks. It's pretty scary that year 2 in coming to an end. It's feels like not long ago it started and now it's finishing assignments, exam revision and starting dissertations! We recently had to start thinking about our dissertation topics which was super scary! I'm still not sure what I'm doing mine on 100% but I'm really interested in dog behaviours and issues caused by pedigree breeding (if you have me on twitter you'll have noticed how annoyed I am by the current Pug obsession! I wished people understood the long list of  health problems within the breed...all caused by them having to look the way people say is 'cute'!). Anyway...after going a little off topic here's what I've been getting up to in between typing up assignments on animals immune systems and foraging behaviours of Squirrels (sounds fun doesn't it, haha!).

Prescription strength antihistamines from the doctors // Cody thinks the puppy tastes good! // Floral nails for spring...what has happened to the weather today?! // Starbucks forever getting my name wrong! // Standing up for what I believe in // Comparing the UK vanilla coke to my American cans...they do taste different! // Had blood tests done for allergy testing. Never had so much taken before! // Reading journals has been my life for the past week // Peanut butter ice cream getting me through assignment writing!

What have you been up to this week?

Kelsey xx


  1. Beautiful pictures, checkout my blog at
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  2. I love seeing people's instagram pictures in posts like this - I'm so nosey and love seeing what people get up to! :)
    Good luck for your exams! The blood test picture looks awful! Hope you're okay!

    Christina | Passion Obsession


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