The Yellow Dog Project


This post is something very different from my normal posts but something that I'd really like to promote as I think it's an amazing idea and will help myself and other dog owners a lot!

So, you might be asking what this is all about...
Basically the yellow dog project has been put together to make people aware of 'Dogs in Need of Space'. These are dogs that could be going through rehabilitation, have anxiety issues, recovering from surgery ect. I would like to add that this does not mean that the dog is necessarily aggressive or harmful, just that people should respect their need for space. The DONIS wear a yellow ribbon on there lead which makes other people and owners aware that they shouldn't be approached. I think it's a really great idea (I'll tell you why soon!) but it's something that is only going to work if people are made aware of it. More information can be found on their facebook page and on their website. Awareness of the project is being brought to many different countries. Please help make people more aware by liking and sharing their facebook page :)


And why do I think it's such a great idea...
As some of your may know (or might have seen) I own a beautiful White German Shepherd named Cody. He was a rescue dog and unfortunately was mistreated prior to us owning him. This has left him with a fear of men and male dogs, which as you can guess sometimes causes anxiety problems whilst walking him. If enough people are made aware of The Yellow Dog Project walking Cody will become much less stressful for him and will also help many other dogs with similar problems.

Kelsey xx


  1. This is such a great idea. It's already used in the horse world where green and red ribbons are tied into the horses tail. Each ribbon means something, I think green is for a young horse and red means the horse kicks. Great idea though :) x

  2. What a brilliant idea! I'll tell my dad about this as his dog is nervous and aggressive when approached by other dogs and ppl always try blame my dad even though he tries to keep out of every1s way and it's THEIR dog that is running off a leash and jumping on other dogs lol. xx

  3. Love this idea...thanks for sharing... lets help the dogs that need space. XO

  4. this is brilliant! for my dachshunds there might not be enough yellow ribbon in the world :)

  5. This is a great idea! Will keep an eye out when I'm walking my dog :)

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