Lake Windermere


So yesterday me and my boyfriend took a trip up to Lake Windermere for a bit of a walk around and something to eat. The weather was harshly cold but stayed clear making the hills in the background look really lovely. It was full of Mute Swans and Canada Geese. Swans have a bad reputation for being aggressive but these were weirdly friendly and polite (That's right, polite Swans!). They moved out your way as you walked past and one even waited for my boyfriend to move so it could walk down the steps, haha! Of course, I took my camera with me! If you hadn't already noticed by looking at my Flickr, have a slight obsession with photographing Waterfowl! I don't know what it is about them, but I just love capturing their natural behaviours and and the funny little poses they do. I thought I'd share some of my photos with your, more will be available of my Flickr once I've finished sorting through them :)

Mute Swans
Mute Swan
...and pose
One of my favourite images from the day. Lovely and simple.
The hills

Comfortable there?
The Canada Goose stayed like this until I've finished taking pictures. I took about 20...
Greylag Goose looking noble

I hope you enjoyed the photos :)

Kelsey xx


  1. I am scared of swans lol x new follower

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :)

  2. It's a nice scenery to see. The animals and the calmness of the place is perfect for a holiday vacation. Do you have any suggestions for b&b bowness on windermere which is cheap and nice?


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Kelsey xx

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