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Hello! How is everyone? I'll still pretty ill :( most of my cold symptoms have died down now but I still have a horrible cough that doesn't seem to want to shift.

Over the weekend I went home and had a lovely couple of posts planned for you but unfortunately my lack of organisation got the better of my and I left my cameras at uni (Note to self, don't pack last minute!). I did plan of doing one of the posts today but the weather has been pretty horrid here which made the lighting pretty terrible. I think it's time I got a jotter pad and started writing lists!

So, I thought I'd keep today's post pretty simple and show you what I've been getting up to over the past few weeks. For anyone who has Instagram you can follow me on @KelseyShep_

Tidy uni room! // Amazing burgers at Eds Easy Diner // Jukebox! // Scanning in prints // Cody watching the snow at home // Snow in Chester // Finally got the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation // Giant chocolate coin! // Gecko girls // So happy I now have this brush set! // Meet Tilly // Puppy nap time // Remember these? Animal bar! // Presents for my pooches // Cocktails with the housemates // Strawberry Mojito 

Feel free to follow me or send me your users so I can follow you :)

Kelsey xx

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