Leather Look Jeans

Hello! What has everyone been up to today?

I'm currently procrastinating as I'm meant to be doing assignments - whoops! My concentration span isn't very long and every deserves a break, right?
The other day I went shopping to spend the last of my Miss Selfridge vouchers that I had left over from Christmas! I ended up picking up these lovely 'Leather look' jeans which retail at £40. When first trying them on I didn't think they appeared to be that comfy but after wearing them for a few hours it was apparent how comfy they are. Such a lovely fit!

The jeans can be seen here.

Miss Selfridge Petite Leather Look Jeans

Miss Selfridge Petite Leather Look Jeans

Miss Selfridge Petite Leather Look Jeans

Miss Selfridge Petite Leather Look Jeans

Miss Selfridge Petite Leather Look Jeans

What new items have you picked up recently?

Kelsey xx

Lake Windermere


So yesterday me and my boyfriend took a trip up to Lake Windermere for a bit of a walk around and something to eat. The weather was harshly cold but stayed clear making the hills in the background look really lovely. It was full of Mute Swans and Canada Geese. Swans have a bad reputation for being aggressive but these were weirdly friendly and polite (That's right, polite Swans!). They moved out your way as you walked past and one even waited for my boyfriend to move so it could walk down the steps, haha! Of course, I took my camera with me! If you hadn't already noticed by looking at my Flickr, have a slight obsession with photographing Waterfowl! I don't know what it is about them, but I just love capturing their natural behaviours and and the funny little poses they do. I thought I'd share some of my photos with your, more will be available of my Flickr once I've finished sorting through them :)

Mute Swans
Mute Swan
...and pose
One of my favourite images from the day. Lovely and simple.
The hills

Comfortable there?
The Canada Goose stayed like this until I've finished taking pictures. I took about 20...
Greylag Goose looking noble

I hope you enjoyed the photos :)

Kelsey xx

Beauty Wish List #2


I'm sort of having a unofficial 'spending ban' at the moment. Basically I'm just trying to cut down on my spending and attempting not to walk out of Boots with a new beauty product every time I go in!

So, this is a mixture of things I've been lusting over for a while and new finds! Some of them I'm hoping to get after my birthday (Only 3 and a bit months to go, haha!) and some of them are probably going to stay on the wishlist for a good while!

Beauty wishlist including MAC, Benefit and Dior
1 - Benefit Erase Paste // 2 - Urban Decay Naked Palette // 3 - Real Techniques Blush Brush // 4 - Dior Hypnotic Poison // 5 - MAC Studio Sculpt // 6 - Benefit Boi-ing
 1. The Benefit Erase Paste is something I've been lusting over for the past few weeks after reading some great reviews on it. I suffer from really bad dark circles and this product seems perfect for hiding them. Retailing at £19.50 it's a product I can't really justify at the moment.

2. I'm a huge fan of the MUA Undressed Palette and use it pretty much everyday. It's cheap and cheerful but after reading reviews I've seen that the Naked Palette colours are much more pigmented and long lasting so I think it's time I got my hands on it. Although it's slightly pricey at £36, reviews has assured me it's worth every penny!

3. As the proud owner of the Real Techniques powder brush, Core Collection and Starter Set I feel this brush is something my collection is missing! I'm a huge fan of all the RT brushes I own and I'm sure the Blush Brush won't disappoint. It's currently retailing at £10.

4. Just the other day I ran out of my beloved Dior Hypnotic Poison. It was a complete surprise as I hadn't actually realised how much I'd used! Apparently a lot more than I thought! Retailing at £49 it's something I'm going to be lusting over for a long while, but it definitely won't be leaving the wish list!

5. I recently purchased my first 'High End' foundation (review can be seen here). Prior to purchasing it I was undecided between what I chose and MAC Studio Sculpt. After still not finding my holygrail foundation MAC Studio Sculpt has been put back on the wishlist (along with a few others, I've developed an unhealthy obsession with needing to try new foundations!). It retails at £24 which is a reasonable price for High End, although is at the top end of MAC Foundations.

6. Another Benefit Concealer. This is marketed by Benefit as an 'Industrial' strength concealer and the reviews I have reader have confirmed this. It seems like it's a must for bad skin days and for a lovely, flawless complexion! It retails at £16.50 which is slighting less expensive than the Erase Paste.

Kelsey xx

Review - Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup


Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup is an oil free foundation containing SPF 10. As a foundation that isn't a stranger to the blogging world and I had been craving it for a long while. It featured on my beauty wish list a few months back after I read various reviews and decided I needed it in my makeup bag!

In the past I have stuck to using 'drug store' brand foundations mainly due to the cost of high end brand foundations. Being a student foundations that cost £20+ wasn't really something I could afford and since I was happy(ish) with my drug store brand foundations I didn't really see the point in splashing out. So, after reading various reviews featuring high end foundations I decided it was time to bite the bullet and try one for myself. After browsing reviews I was stuck between trying the Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation and Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup. Upon visiting my local The Cosmetics Company Store I found the Estee Lauder DW for £19 and jumped at the chance to buy it (who wouldn't?!).

Estee Lauder doublewear makeup foundation
Estee Lauder doublewear makeup foundation

Shade wise I took a bit of a chance and just opted for the the lightest shade. I wouldn't really suggest doing this as Estee Lauder have a rather large selection of shades and getting colour matched at one of their counters would have been much better. The CCS only had about 6 shades which didn't give me much choice but luckily their lightest shade seemed to match well. The shade I got was 1N1 which doesn't look like such a good match on my hand, but when buffed into my face goes on really nicely.

Estee Lauder doublewear makeup foundation

I love the consistency of this product. I'm not a fan of really runny foundations and prefer them a bit thicker just because I find they are easier to apply and buff into your skin. The bottle can be a little annoying because there is no pump but as it's not too runny it's easy to just poor a little on your hand at a time, preventing any wastage. The product buffs into my face really well. I've always applied it using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush which gives it a really flawless finish. I suffer from really red cheeks (which I hate!) and find the coverage of this foundation utterly amazing! I wasn't sure if I was going to, but I've found a huge difference in the coverage of this foundation and drugstore brands (Bourjois & Revlon) that I have used in the past.

The product gives a lovely dewy finish although I always apply a small amount of pressed powder just to finish it off and make it a bit more matte. I've found the coverage lasts all day and I haven't really needed to touch up whilst wearing. One thing that's upset me a little about this product is that I've found that if I spend a lot of time outside in harsh weathers whilst wearing it it does start to look dry and slightly cakey. I'm not sure if this is because of the cold, harsh winds or because my face and eczema is suffering because of the weather. This hasn't put me off though, and when spending time inside it sits on my face perfectly. I'm really looking forward to trying it out in the warmer months and seeing how it works then as well. Because of the SPF 10 it contains I think it will be a perfect foundation for summer!

This foundation retails at £27 and can be purchased at most department stores. I really like this foundation and at the lower price will probably repurchase it again at a later date. I would however like to try other high end foundation brands before I commit to this one!

Have you tried this foundation? What high end brands would you recommend for me?

Kelsey xx

The Yellow Dog Project


This post is something very different from my normal posts but something that I'd really like to promote as I think it's an amazing idea and will help myself and other dog owners a lot!

So, you might be asking what this is all about...
Basically the yellow dog project has been put together to make people aware of 'Dogs in Need of Space'. These are dogs that could be going through rehabilitation, have anxiety issues, recovering from surgery ect. I would like to add that this does not mean that the dog is necessarily aggressive or harmful, just that people should respect their need for space. The DONIS wear a yellow ribbon on there lead which makes other people and owners aware that they shouldn't be approached. I think it's a really great idea (I'll tell you why soon!) but it's something that is only going to work if people are made aware of it. More information can be found on their facebook page and on their website. Awareness of the project is being brought to many different countries. Please help make people more aware by liking and sharing their facebook page :)


And why do I think it's such a great idea...
As some of your may know (or might have seen) I own a beautiful White German Shepherd named Cody. He was a rescue dog and unfortunately was mistreated prior to us owning him. This has left him with a fear of men and male dogs, which as you can guess sometimes causes anxiety problems whilst walking him. If enough people are made aware of The Yellow Dog Project walking Cody will become much less stressful for him and will also help many other dogs with similar problems.

Kelsey xx

OOTD - Simple Jumper


So my first OOTD post...eeekkk! This post is full of excitement and nerves. I've been wanting to do an OOTD post for a while and finally got over my fears and got myself a tripod and snapped away. I would really like to thank the girls I talked to on Sundays BBloggers chat, it was nice to see that I wasn't the only one who was self conscious and a lot of you gave me the encouragement to do this post!

I woke up this morning to a text off one of my housemates saying 'It's snowing!' so I jumped out of bed to have a look. Although I do like snow after having it off and on for so long I've gotten a bit sick of it. After it snowed it started raining and the wind was horrible so I knew I needed something simple, warm and comfortable to wear!

I chose to wear some simple jeans and a lovely cream coloured jumper I picked up from Forever 21 at the beginning of winter. I really love this jumper as it's really comfy and not at all itchy. Itchy jumpers are something I really can't stand! I think it looks great on it's own, with a nice shirt underneath or layer up. Today I chose to wear it on it's own as I didn't have any shirts clean (student living!) but I do often wear it with an off pink shirt.

Simple Jumper OOTD With Jeans and Boots
 Jumper - Forever 21 // Jeans - Miss Selfridge // Boots - eBay // Scarf - Primark

Miss Selfridge Feather Earrings
 Earrings - Miss Selfridge

Please let me know what you think of my first OOTD! Hopefully I'll get better!

Kelsey xx

Haul - Sale Jewellery


One of the gifts I received for Christmas was gift voucher for Miss Selfridge. It's a shop that I really, really love and own many items of clothing from their stores. Up until now I haven't really found anything that particularly took my fancy as I'm having a bit of a 'fashion crisis' at the moment and I'm finding it hard to find clothes that are 'me' and I feel comfortable wearing. Because of this I'm yet to spend my vouchers which I know is pretty ridiculous since I've had them nearly 2 months!

Anyway whilst walking around town a few days ago and spotted some bargain sale jewellery in Miss Selfridge and couldn't resist having a look. I ended up coming out with a necklace, bracelet and set of earings and only spent (on the gift card) £4.50! Buying stuff feels even better when you don't have to part with any money!

Miss Selfridge Sale Jewellery

Miss selfridge gold skull necklace

Miss Selfridge Vintage Gold Skull Bracelet

Miss Selfridge Gold Earring Selection

Kelsey xx

Review - BOMB Cosmetics Bath Meltz, Creamers & Mallows


Who doesn't like a nice long soak in the bath with a few candles and some lovely scents? It's been a long while since I used any of the BOMB Cosmetics products as I'm a huge fan of Lush and find their products easier to get hold of. However, I really don't think BOMB get enough recognition for their beautifully presented and lovely scented products. If you haven't already tried them I recommend you give them a go! One of the Christmas gifts I received was a gift box of 6 different BOMB Cosmetics bath meltz, creamers and mallows. After not using their products for a good few years I was really excited to try them out.

Bomb Cosmetics Assorted Gift Pack

They differ slightly to standard bath bombs in the way that they dissolve in to the water. Rather than being fizzy and very active I find the melts and creamers a lot more calmer. They melt away a lot slower than standard bath bombs and last slightly longer before fully dissolving too. They're a lot smaller than you would expect a bath boom to be but because of the way in which they melt this isn't an issue, you get just as much for your money.

Bomb Costmetics Creamers, Meltz and Mallows

Bomb Cosmetics Purple Bath Mallow

Bomb Cosmetics Jade Bath Gem Melt

Bomb Cosmetics Rose Bath Creamer

Each melt and creamer included within the gift set was a different scent and shape, so it was lovely to have a variety and be able to try the different scents. All of the scents I have tried so far are lovely. Each one contains Cocoa and Shea Butters which means you're left with lovely soft skin after bathing. They really do make your skin silky smooth! All of the bombs leave your skin with a lovely scent which lasts a good while. The Creamers each contain essential oils, Lavender and Geranium, which leave you lovely and scented after bathing!

Individually the Meltz, Creamers and Mallows range from £2.09 - £2.99. The gift sets are from £9.99 and there is a lovely range. All can be purchased on the BOMB cosmetics website.

Have you tried any BOMB products?

Kelsey xx

Instagram #5

Hello! How is everyone? I'll still pretty ill :( most of my cold symptoms have died down now but I still have a horrible cough that doesn't seem to want to shift.

Over the weekend I went home and had a lovely couple of posts planned for you but unfortunately my lack of organisation got the better of my and I left my cameras at uni (Note to self, don't pack last minute!). I did plan of doing one of the posts today but the weather has been pretty horrid here which made the lighting pretty terrible. I think it's time I got a jotter pad and started writing lists!

So, I thought I'd keep today's post pretty simple and show you what I've been getting up to over the past few weeks. For anyone who has Instagram you can follow me on @KelseyShep_

Tidy uni room! // Amazing burgers at Eds Easy Diner // Jukebox! // Scanning in prints // Cody watching the snow at home // Snow in Chester // Finally got the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation // Giant chocolate coin! // Gecko girls // So happy I now have this brush set! // Meet Tilly // Puppy nap time // Remember these? Animal bar! // Presents for my pooches // Cocktails with the housemates // Strawberry Mojito 

Feel free to follow me or send me your users so I can follow you :)

Kelsey xx
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