A few months ago you may remember me writing this post about a Kodak Retinette that I picked up for £3 at an antiques fair. I had no idea about the working condition of the camera but thought it was worth buying considering the price! Anyway, I stuck a film in and got snapping away, as this was the only real way of seeing how effectively the camera worked!

To my delight I've found that the camera is pretty much in full working order. There were about 6 photos that weren't developed due to the shutter sticking and not actually capturing the picture, but that could be due to the fact it just hasn't been used for so long. The rest of the photos haven't come out as well as I'd hoped and most are blurred, but it's far better than I expected! After buying the camera I spent ages looking at photos from others with the same camera. If you enjoy photography I really suggest you do the same as these camera product such lovely prints. I really love the way they capture the colour and the vintage look of the photos.

So, here's a small selection of the prints that I've scanned. Most are from my Christmas trip to London!

Oxford Street Christmas Lights!
A blurred Oxford Street
Marble Arch
Spooky looking Hyde Park
Hyde Park Christmas Fairground
Disney section in Harrods
My beautiful little girl again

Do you own a vintage camera?

Kelsey xx


  1. I wish I had a vintage camera - loving the pics!
    LaceyLoves x

    1. Thank you! I've started to get a bit of a 'thing' for vintage cameras now, constantly on the hunt!

      Kelsey xx


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Kelsey xx

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