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Is everyone okay? I've caught a horrid cold. I seem to be over the worst of it but been left with a cough.

So, I've seen the '50 Facts About Me' posts on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to do. A lovely way for you to get to know me better.

Here we go...

1. My favourite colour is purple, but until I was about 6 it was red.
2. I'm dyslexic and only found out when I started my first year of uni.
3. I've always owed at least 1 pet and couldn't imagine not having a pet.
4. I've recently lost a ring I had been wearing on my finger for about 6 years and now there is a dip in my finger.
5. I'm in my second year at uni studying BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare.
6. I secretly dream that one day I'll work along side Cesar Millan.
7. I've been growing my hair ever since I had a 'bob' cut in when I was about 10...I'm now 20 and my hair is very long!
8. On that note, I really hate going to the hairdressers as they cut far too much off. I haven't been for about a year now.
9. I really hate peas.
10. I fear having any sort of medical treatment and dread going to the doctors.
11. Because of this I have an undiagnosed allergy and wake up most morning sneezing, and have done for months!
12. I have no self control when it comes to crisps or savoury snack foods.
13. I have a total of 5 peircings (3 lobe, naval and nose).
14. I have a very bad habit of picking/biting my lips and don't even notice when I'm doing it any more.
15. I watch Friends most nights before I go to sleep.
16. I'm short sighted but barely ever wear my glasses.
17. I'm vegetarian, which includes not eating fish, and have been for 5 years now.
18. I'm not really sure of my true hair colour any more.
19. I moved from Dorset to Wigan when I was 12.
20. I often forget to have a drink until I start to feel ill, but it's a habit I'm trying to break.
21. I don't really like cake.
 22. I have naturally curly hair which I love, I find it odd that about 6 years ago I hated it and would straighten it every day!
23. I don't like walking on a bare floor without shoes or slippers on.
24. I own a White German Shepherd and four Crested Geckos.
25. I have a small rabbit soft toy that's always on my bed. I've owned her since I was a few days old and she's called 'Pink Bunny'.
26. I really enjoy painting my nails.
 27. I have a phobia of moths and can't stand being in the same room as one that is flying around.
28. I love Sims 3.
29. I cannot swim and people find that really weird when I tell them.
30. I don't know my height, but I'm not much over 5ft.
 31. I really love mushrooms. Pasta, soup, stuffed...I love them all!
32. Tea with milk and no sugar please!
33. I'm really unorganised, my bedroom is organised chaos!
34. I never understand why people go to Starbucks and order a hot chocolate...it's a coffee shop!
35. I love the New Forest and miss it so much.
36. No matter how hard I try I just can't start a uni assignment early so I don't have to rush!
37. I rarely ever eat breakfast, especially if I have to get up early.
38. If I know I have no where to go I will stay in my PJs all day.
39. I really love Vanilla Coke.
40. My dream job was to be a Vet until I did very badly in my first year at college.
41. When I go to Starbucks I will most likely get a Grande Caramel Mac.
42. I set 3 alarms in the morning, spaces 5 minutes apart, to make sure I actually wake up.
43. I love photography, wildlife photography in particular, and I hope to go a photograph Puffins this year.
 44. My favourite animal is a Giraffe.
45. I sleep with 3 pillows, sometimes 4...I hate flat pillows!
46. I'd rather buy a new pair of shoes than a new bag.
47. My faviourite takeout is Chinese, closely followed by Thai.
48. I have a weird issue with soggy bread. I have to leave my toast to stand so the butter doesn't melt in too much and make it soggy.
49. 'Designer' dog breeds will forever annoy me and I cannot understand why people pay a lot of money for what is actually a crossbreed.
50. I get cold far too easily.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better :) If you have done a similar post please share your posts with me.

Kelsey xx


  1. It was awesome getting to know you better. My fave animal is a Giraffe too:)

    Sara x


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