Sorry I've Been Away!

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely little Christmas!

So, today's post is just a quick post to explain why nothing has been on the blog for a few weeks! The last couple of weeks at uni were really hectic. I had 3 assignments to hand in before we finished for Christmas, including two A2 posters! Obviously my uni work had to be prioritized and took up a lot of my time. As well as the assignments there was also a couple of short exams that I had to prepare for.

I was hoping I would have time to blog back at home, but as we all know, Christmas is a busy time and with preparing for that I was also very busy!

I have some lovely little posts for you over the next few days, including a Christmas Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled!

Please post any Christmas blog posts as I would love to see them!

Kelsey xx
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