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Hello! How is everyone today? Hope you're all well!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Stephanie from Prairie Charms asking if I'd like to take part in their blogger collaboration offer which entitled me to 50% off any of their jewellery. I looked over their site, which features some lovely jewellery items and was delighted to take part.

For those who have not come across Prairie Charms before you can find them here. They give 10% of all proceeds to the GOSH charity 'kiss it better'. That means that not only can you purchase a lovely piece of jewellery  but you can also help out a children's charity at the same time! Their jewellery is handmade and they have loads of different designs so there is something for everyone!

It took me a while to choose as they have so many different and lovely designs. They people at Prairie Charms made the purchasing process really nice and easy. I admire their willingness to help and patience (as like I said, it took me a while to choose!). I finally went for this lovely friendship wrap 'Olivia'. It can be found here on their website and retails at £10, which I think is a fair price.

The package arrived about 3 days after my purchase. I was really excited to open it up and once I did I found a lovely wrapped parcel inside. I'm a sucker for lovely wrapping, I always think it's really nice when people take the time to present the package well rather than just throwing it in a evolope and taking it to the post office.

Of course, before I opened the package I had to take a few snaps to show you the lovely packaging...

The bracelet itself it a lovely summery, floral bracelet. It's really girly and great for wearing in summer so I'm really glad the sun has come out over the past few days to allow me to wear it! I rarely see bracelets in this style which is what drove me to it. The fabric used is lovely and soft making the bracelet really comfortable to wear.

My overall experience with Prairie Charms has been fantastic. I love my bracelet and will definitely be purchasing something else from them in the near future!

Have you come across Prairie Charms before? Will you be purchasing an item from them?

Kelsey xx


  1. They have been in touch with me also and when I had a look that was a piece that caught my eye! It looks amazing! I might just have to go ahead and get myself one now, they look super cute!
    Mia x

    1. They've got some lovely items on their website!

      Kelsey xx


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