Review - MUA Lipstick Shade 11

Hello! How is everyone today?

A few weeks ago I decided to get my hands on a couple of MUA lipsticks. After the great reviews I'd seen about them on other blogs I thought it was time to get my hands on some myself! I had planned to do this review a couple of weeks ago but got distracted with other blog posts that I've done.

First of all I would like to say that £1 is an amazing price for the quality of this product! Considering I would normally spend £7+ on a lipstick I was very impressed!

I ended up buying two lipsticks as I had just the right amount of change and it saved me having to break notes or use my card. I picked up shade 15 (Juicy) and 11 as I didn't want to go for anything too dark. I have yet to use shade 15 so this review will just be focusing on shade 11. Don't worry though, once I've got round to using it I will be reviewing the other shade too!

The packaging of the MUA lipsticks is really lovely and simple. They're lightweight and fit easily into a handbag or purse, but don't at all look or feel cheap.

Upon opening the lipstick the first thing I noticed was the scent! The MUA lipsticks have such a lovely, sweet scent about them. I've never noticed this on other lipstick I've used, but it was lovely. I think it was a sort of sweet, vanilla type of scent.

With some of my lipstick I apply lip balm underneath to stop my lips from drying out. The first time I used this I decided not to and was really happy to find that it didn't dry my lips out like I was expecting. The formula seems really creamy and it glides on really quickly and easily go it's great if you're in a hurry! The colour payoff was really good and I was so pleased with it. It lasts a good while without needing touching up, apart from obviously needing more of a touch up after eating or drinking.

Overall I was really please with this product. Considering it's £1 it's amazing quality and great value for money! Something I'd really recommend! Have you tried MUA cosmetic products yet? What's your view on them?

Kelsey xx


  1. Very pretty Colour hun:)

    Sara xx


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