Review - Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner


This is my first review (Eeeek!) so if there's anything you think I've missed out please let me know :)

I've always loved Aussie products from the moment I found out about them - they smell great and do wonders for my hair! I've tried out a lot of their products over the years but only tend to buy them when they're on offer and use other hair products in between. There are a couple of products that I always make sure I'm stocked up on though, one of them being the 3 Minute Miracle conditioners and the other being the Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner!

Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance is a leave in conditioner that is 'a saviour for, weak, distressed hair.' I first started using it a couple of years ago as something extra to protect my hair. I was so impressed with it that I haven't stopped using it since!

I really like the Aussie packaging as it's nice and simple. I find that it really stands out from other hair care products due to it having simple labeling and not being really bright and in your face like a lot of other hair care products brands are. The Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance bottle has a spray top which makes the product easy to apply and distribute across your hair.

The spray itself smells amazing! It's sweet and fruity but not over the top, just nice and subtle. The conditioner is also light and doesn't weigh your hair down. Even when I've gone a bit OTT with the spraying it hasn't clogged by hair up or weighed it down which is great! I've found spray in conditioners that I've used in the past do clogged my hair up a bit if I use slightly too much.

I have very long, curly hair so you can imagine what a pain it is to get through with the hair brush after washing it! The Aussie bottle says it 'helps detangle and protect, makes styling easier' and I think it pretty much does what it says on the tin! It makes my hair so much easier to brush after washing and adds some extra protection if I blow dry or straighten it.

Although it says to spray on to damp hair I have actually been using it on my hair whilst it's dry, in between washes, to give the end some extra moisture. It dries quickly and doesn't leave an residue and really improves the ends of my hair.

I really love this product and it's my all time faviourite hair care product!

What is your faviourite hair care product? Have you used Aussie before?

Kelsey xx


  1. I love aussie products the 3 minute miracles are my fave but im yet to try this it sounds great though, i need a trip to boots! x

    1. I really recommend it! I've got bleached ends and it does wonders for them! I always stock up when boots have a 3 for £10 off on ;)

      Kelsey xx


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